Who, what, where and why

Malo smiles, located in New Jersey and serving the metro-NYC region, wanted to create a couple of 30-second television commercials to be part of their new video marketing campaign.

Using whiteboard animation, we worked with them to create a total of two pieces - one that speaks to women and one that speaks to men.


Their previous commercial really had an impact on the number of calls and emails they received. The level of interest in their service got noticeably larger and so it made sense to create new commercials to keep brand awareness going.


Working with Malo, we crafted a script that would work in a 30-second time span. Once that was complete, we had the pleasure of working with Chaiet Studios who created the art for us to use. Then it was off to our animation studio where the hand and pen came alive, voiceovers were added, and music was blended in to complete the pieces.

television commercial production and video marketing in NYC / NJ

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