10 Video Marketing Statistics to Live By



Video marketing is the most powerful form of marketing in any company’s toolbox. It has to be done right to be really effective. We've got 10 incredible video marketing statistics about video ROI that will get you excited to learn and grow.

  1. Over 65 percent of marketers name video as the content medium with the best ROI - Data-rich video statistics allows marketers to glean high-level insights from their content.

  2. 93 percent of marketers use video to connect with their audience - Whether for sales, communication, or marketing, the vast majority of marketing professionals use video to connect, inform, and engage. Are you in the minority that hasn't adopted video yet? It's time to get on board.

  3. Embedding video in email can triple your click-through rate - Marketers struggling to increase click-through rates will love this simple trick to drive traffic.

  4. Including "video" in your subject line can decrease unsubscribes by over 25 percent - Unsubscribes are certainly part of email marketing, but they'll be less a part of it if you just add the word "video" to email subject lines. Simple yet powerful.

  5. Close to 90 percent of shoppers view videos to inform their buying decisions - The vast majority of shoppers watch video before they buy. Products with videos outperform products with no videos.

  6. 75 percent of executives watch at least one business video at work - This statistic illustrates the importance of video for thought leaders and B2B marketers, who can see a major boost in reach by creating a video campaign.

  7. 100 million people watch one video online per day - The daily impact of this statistic can really add up to increase your reach and brand visibility.

  8. Over one-quarter of users seek out more information after watching a product video - As this statistic illustrates, videos have a demonstrated impact on consumer interest and intent to purchase a product or service.

  9. Videos increase user understanding of a product or service by 74 percent - Video can make an impression much faster than text-based product information. If you're looking to increase your market presence, you need video.

  10. Real estate listings with video receive 400 percent more inquiries - This amazing statistic illustrates the real ROI of using video across industries. No matter what you do, you'll do better at it if you incorporate videos.