2016 Video Marketing Trend: 360-Degree Videos

What are 360-degree videos?

Simply put, 360 degree videos are videos that allow a viewer to scroll up and down, and left to right so that they can look around at a scene. Instead of passively watching a video unfold, they become active participants in what they see. They're a new way to attract, engage and tell a story.

A ride-along with the Blue Angels is a great example of a 360-degree video. USA Today.

Although your company is probably not offering rides in supersonic jets, it's easy to see why this type of video would be interesting for marketers and viewers. It's engaging, informative, and fun to watch. Check out the research Google did with a couple of brands to see what they're saying. And with YouTube getting very close to offering live-stream 360-degree videos, the possibilites for video marketing become very interesting.

How Can 360-Degree Videos Be Used for Marketing?

First of all, using them just because they're an up and coming trend is not enough. There still needs to be strategy involved in getting the best use from them. Like any other piece of content marketing, they should mirror your brand, complement your other marketing tactics, be smart and valuable for those watching, and get your message across to viewers.

These videos can be used when you want to capture attention and provide an experience, through video, that can't be done with regular videos. Regular videos provide the experience for the viewer. 360-degree videos allow the viewer to control the experience for themselves - they become immersed. And as long as there is good content there to be viewed, this will engage them and keep them looking at your content.

As with so many other things, timing is important. Soon, 360-degree videos might be everywhere and being used by everyone. However, companies at the forefront of this trend can be really creative and get noticed just for creating this type of video.

What are the Possibilities?

360-degree videos aren't for everyone and every situation. But for the right marketing campaign, the possibilities really are somewhat limitless. Here are a few examples that show how you might take advantage of 360-degree videos. Hopefully, they'll give you ideas for your own company.

About Us videos: An About Us video introduces your brand to the viewer. Typically, it involves some shots of your company, its product, and its people. This type of video can be used to introduce viewers to aspects of your company they might not otherwise see thereby creating another dimension to the viewer's understanding and appreciation of your brand.

Here's a unique way to show off your service. See what goes on behind the scenes as you take a flight.

Live Event videos: Imagine your company just put together an amazing event in order to get recognized and notices. There are crowds of people, it's fun and it's informative A 360-degree video will allow people to take in the experience without being there. It's a new way to extend the reach of your event and your brand, and it's a way to sell a feeling. This can be live or recorded so people can check it out after the fact.

Experience videos: Marketing is all about getting people to notice your product or service. An experience video can get people to engage with your brand in a way that doesn't make them feel like they're being sold to. They can watch your video, scroll around, and suddenly you've gotten their attention.

Product videos: How about a car dealership that wants to show off the inside of their new model? A 360-degree camera can put viewers in the driver's seat (no pun intended) and they can get a sense for its comfort, space and amenities right from the comfort of home.

Is This The Future?

It's hard to gauge how this trend will turn out. Creative marketers can certainly find a way to use this immersive experience and take things to the next level. With YouTube and Facebook on board to offer support for them, the sky is the limit.

On the other hand, how far can this go? And at what point does 360-degree video outlive its usefullness? We think time will tell in 2016.

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