2016 Video Marketing Trend: Interactive Videos


It could be argued that 2015 was the year of video marketing. It was the point in time when everybody finally understood what all the surveys and industry experts had been saying all along - video is the new rock star of marketing. Explainer videos, testimonial videos, product videos - any type you could imagine - were suddenly on the radar of marketers everywhere. Even companies who haven't had the chance to create a video yet know that it's something they need to do in 2016.

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The new challenge for video marketers is to stand apart from all the other videos that continue to flood the Internet. It is going to be a challenge to be seen and heard with all the click bait and eye candy that is out there. As part of an ongoing series, we’ll look at strategies for staying ahead of the pack. We’ll introduce new ideas and strategies for getting your brand and messaging across to your online audience.


Why is there a question mark in the heading above? Because no one is really sure yet if interactive videos are going to take off. What we do know is that, used correctly and by the right companies, they can be really powerful. They’re definitely not for everybody. But if you can be creative, and your message would really shine with one, it may be the way to go. Since the main goal of content marketing is engagement

What is an interactive online video? There are several ways to create one, but we'll be looking at YouTube for our example. YouTube is a platform that makes it easy to embed links that move an audience through the story. This is from an organization called Drop the Weapons. They wanted to reach a younger audience, and wanted to show the difference between right and wrong choices. An interactive video was the right choice for them and they did it right.

An amazing video created for http://www.droptheweapons.org

These is one example of a well-done and meaningful interactive video. Unfortunately, a search on Google or YouTube provides links to plenty of badly done videos. So there’s a lesson to be learned – just like any other kind of marketing, interactive videos require planning and the right message to work well and give you ROI.


  • Identify whether your message will really benefit from this type of video. Almost any product or service can benefit from this but you need to answer a few questions first. Does it lend itself to a walk-through type of video? Is the strategy to get people to think as they watch your video? Is it meant to be fun, educational, serious?
  • Plan, plan, plan and content, content, content. This never changes - whether it's print media, digital media, social media, video content, etc. Think very carefully about how an interactive video will present your information. Think about how and why people will click through at each point. Make sure your audience won't get bored waiting for the next opportunity to click. Keep them interested with wit, humor, and honest-to-goodness beneficial content. Have the story, characters and choices be interesting. The online audience can be impatient and once you lose them, they're gone. But if done correctly, your video will show high engagement and drive traffic for your product.
  • Set aside time and budget. With all the planning that goes into something like this, be sure that you are able to give it the nurturing it needs to come out great. That includes scripting it out, figuring out the moments when people will click and why they'd want to, deciding on what the "reward" is when they finish the interactive journey, and what will get them to share with others.
  • Identify how and where you'll be using this video content, and track ROI. YouTube is currently a great place to host an interactive video. They make it easy to embed URLs that take your viewers on a journey. Their back end allows you to track plays, drop offs, clicks and more. There are also paid services that promise to build a video server for your company so you can host the video as part of your own website. We can neither endorse of disqualify any of them, and they may be overkill for most companies.

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