2016 Video Marketing Trend: Video Ads

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

It’s a new year and like all the years before it, the world of content marketing is going through changes. Even though the mobile revolution has changed the way people surf the Internet, even with the explosion of social media changing how companies try to reach an audience, and even with the coming-of-age for video marketing one thing remains the same - We’re all trying to stay ahead of the competition. That means watching the trends, poring through data and trying to differentiate our products or services.

A 2016 Video Marketing Trend Just Around the Corner?

Video Ads have been around for a long time. YouTube is just one of the places you can see them. Click on almost any video link and you get a 15 second commercial that plays before your video content begins. And on Facebook our feeds are littered with videos targeted to our online activities. Thankfully, we're able to keep the audio off and skim past them if we want. But those aren't the kind of video ads we’re talking about.

Think about doing a Google search for something. Along with the SEO results there is an area for paid ads. As of the beginning of 2016, they’re just text. But industry analysts predict that Google will start to allow video ads in 2016. As they point out, Bing has already tested video ads with some success. And Google surely knows the importance that video plays in our online lives. Not only did they purchase YouTube for billions of dollars to get ahead of the online video trend, they created YouTube video ads that we mentioned earlier. And let's face it, Google wants to make money. Ad word clicks equal dollars for them, and it's well-known that videos have taken over as the marketing content that produces the most engagement.

What Does This Mean for You?

Not every company uses Google adwords for their advertising. But those that do would be wise to keep an eye on the possibility that video ads are about to trend. There will be plenty of fanfare when it happens. But those that watch marketing trends and become early adopters, taking advantage long before everyone else is on board, probably stand the best change of getting a great return on investment for the video ad content.

4 Tips for Video Ads

Tip #1 - don't hit the panic button. When it's time to create a video ad for your company (believe us, the trend is going to happen), you won't need to rethink your entire strategy. You'll just be adding a New Video Marketing Tool to your arsenal. Even though the form factor might be a little different - shorter length than a "normal" video, different ways to test ROI - there are basic marketing strategies to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you link to great content - always. What's the point of putting effort into any marketing campaign without giving your audience something interesting, helpful or valuable as an end result? Video ads will be the same. Make sure they exist for a reason - Getting viewers to information they want or need.
  • Don't waste the viewers' time. This is kind of similar to the point above, but it gets a little deeper. Make sure the video ad itself is something people are going to want to watch. Having less time to say something can actually be a blessing. It can keep us from going on and on and on - gradually losing the viewer's attention. In a short blast, we can get one key point across by saying exactly what the target audience wants of needs to hear.
  • Don't make a commercial. There's a real difference between television commercials and online videos - usually. When we think of commercials we see images of new and improved household cleaners, cars racing through snow or a desert, or just people trying to talk us into buying something. Video ads are (or should be) more nuanced, more creative and more valuable to viewers. With television, we're often unable to fast forward or ignore the ads. With online content, one swipe eases the pain of having to deal with annoying things. Make sure you're delivering your information in a way that respects your audience. 
  • Re-use content. A majority of companies now have some sort of video content. There's no reason that already created content can't be used again. Unless, of course, the message or information it delivers has changed. If it's still the same, don't hesitate to take the best 10 seconds from it to use as a video ad in search engine results.

Need a Little Help?

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