3 Strategies for Keeping Content Marketing Messaging Fresh


Being a creative agency, it’s our job to keep the fresh ideas coming- no matter how wacky, straightforward, curveball or direct….

So how can one maintain a content marketing strategy that’s brand-spanking new in a sea of constant messaging, branding and thought leadership?

We’ll let you in on a few of our time-tested strategies and tips:

  1. Start with a Disaster Preparedness Plan or an “Opposite” Theory-

    Think of all the things that you shouldn’t do (overuse internal acronyms, speak at the wrong level, wax too wooden or verbose) and then do the opposite.

    But while you’re doing the opposite, take chances and leaps that you know you’ll need to challenge yourself on a little later. Which leads to tip number two...


2. Take Time Away from the Piece-

Don’t knock that script, story, ad or screenplay out all at once and call it done.

If you’re in the creative zone, let it flow but when it’s over, step away, go for a walk, play with the dogs, let it marinade for a few hours then come back with fresh eyes and energy.


3. Challenge Your Vocabulary-

Go down a rabbit hole every once in a while.

Ever look at a word and feel like it just looks and sounds all wrong? Force yourself to look at your words, pull out a thesaurus, play word association with a friend or colleague, look at the etymology of some of your most used or favorite words and dissect them. Then, start playing with new ways to tell a story using words in a new and different way.