4 Ways to Use Drone Footage in Your Corporate Videos

As the popularity of drones continues to grow, video producers are finding more and more unique ways to fine uses for aerial footage in corporate videos.

If you find yourself scratching your head about how to add more creativity (and adventure) to your video content, look no further than the clever flying robots known as drones. 


Drones are all about taking advantage of aerial shots. Grab your employees and get them in an outdoor space, like the rooftop or parking lot. A quick pull away shot of your crew waving is a unique way to use drone footage in your corporate video. If getting the team together at one time is tough, consider taking the drone to a corporate event where everyone will be in attendance.


One of the best ways to tell the story of your company is to show people where you work. Many businesses are using drone shots to showcase their local neighborhoods and the blocks they work on.

Whether it's a sunny day or a winter dusting, a quick trip around the neighborhood a few times with a drone can tell a lot about the unique essence and energy of your locations. It also makes for incredible footage on your home page or careers page. These type of shots can create an experience around your brand that can tell a lot about who, what and where you are.


Perhaps the most popular of drone footage shots (does it ever get old?) is "the reveal" as it is referred to in filmmaking. The defining characteristic of this drone footage is the uber fast pan out (or in some cases pan in) that makes the viewer feel like they are lightweight and free of gravity. Use if you want to build on an element of surprise and/or drama.

Another clever way companies are using "the reveal" is in reverse. By placing a product on a table and panning in from 15 stories up, it creates a unique spotlight effect that is unmatched by any other camera technique.


You don't need an airplane hangar to get cool indoor shots from a drone. Find a place in your building where the ceiling is highest and go to town. Stairwells are one place that make for a great indoor aerial shot. Lobbies, stadiums, factory floors, warehouses, showrooms, trade shows, and vaulted ceilings also have some good height for filming.

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