5 Ways in Which Video Can Build Trust for Your Brand


Strategic marketing is the best way to reach modern consumers, and they want to be addressed through video. Who has time for a wall of text when people barely have time to eat? It’s go-go-go and you build trust with your audience by meeting them where they need you.

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The following are 5 ways in which video marketing is the key to building brand confidence…

#1) Shows and Tells

The ability to both show and tell is video’s secret sauce. It allows your audience to better visualize the product/service and become better affiliated with your brand. This, in turn, builds trust.

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Seeing is believing because it seeing something shapes our conviction about it. Video is the closest a consumer can come to what you have to offer and it allows them to make easier purchasing decisions.

#2) Demonstrates Values

You convey your brand story through audience experience. The quality of your video content elevates your brand and subsequently reflects on the quality of your company. It shows you invest in your customer needs and create the best media avenues to reach them.

Beautifully shot and composed videos with superb sound and lighting demonstrate to your audience that you are committed to the customer experience. Quality typically equates to competency and consistency— and that is ultimately what builds trust with your brand.

#3) Has Dexterity

Video has dexterity. Showing your customers you are willing to meet them on their turf means convenience; it means value. People are busy and video is a fast and efficient way to communicate. Statistics show that 72% of people would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. So why would you still be trying to connect, convince and convert via text?

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Providing useful entertainment and information across all devices and media channels builds brand trust. Video is the best medium for this because of its flexibility.

#4) Solves Problems

A savvy brand understands their audience and the more time you put into that, the more trust you build. The accessibility of video already solves the problem of convenience for your customer. If you use animated video, a great trick is to design your characters around the people in your audience. This kind of self-identity within marketing is incredibly powerful.

Video also solves the problem of timing for your customers. People can watch a quick explainer video during their commute or a testimonial at a coffee break, but they don’t always have time to read an article. Being that brand with quick and easy information is already telling your people they can trust you.

#5) Creates Visual Identity

Creating a video with your brand colors is also connecting your audience to the rest of your company. Coherent branding establishes trust because people will always recognize you along any avenue. Whether it’s a Facebook video on their phone or a testimonial on your website, people are accessing your branding from all places…and they can trust to do so through video.

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Using your company colors in a video creates a visual identity and presence that can unconsciously affect viewers and create easy brand recall. In this sense, video is the most powerful tool of all.

If you have any questions about creating brand trust through video, give us a call. We can help you tailor the perfect video marketing strategy to build your brand.