6 Must-Have Videos Every Startup Business Needs


Taking a quick peek around the internet to learn about the types of videos that are possible for your company can quickly lead you down a rabbit hole. And busy as we all are, it can take hours to get through it all. And then once you have all that information, what do you do with it?

While some established businesses out there have more videos on their websites than hairs on their heads, don’t start worrying that you need that many just to get going.

Here’s a short list of five you videos (in no particular order) you just gotta have to get your startup business going down the right track.

1. Company Culture Video

There’s a reason we list this type of video first - They’re the easiest—and probably the most fun— videos to make and involve the organization (and the people in it) just being themselves. Think of them as a sort of behind-the-scenes videos. They give potential customers an open window that lets them connect to your company, culture and product.

You can make a company culture video about anything but consider featuring as many key members of your team as possible. These videos can often serve as the introductory content on websites. Therefore, they should be fun and engaging, but also convey a valuable message about your brand and vision.

These videos are also related to the next type on the list….

2. Recruiting Video

The success of almost any startup is made possible by the people on the team. When you’re flying by the seat of your pants every single day, every person needs to be a star. Once upon a time, you’d place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper to find them. In the 21st century, you take that ad to video.

Recruitment videos are incredibly successful at attracting new talent. They combine aspects of each of the four types mentioned above, into a packaged format designed to answer questions potential talent may have. It’s probably the only salesy video you should make!

These types of videos talk about things like benefits, employee schedules, staff testimonials, and exciting projects on the horizon. Be sure to mention your philosophy and the startup’s mission statement. Showcase the diversity of your team. An ideal candidate will hear these things and know your company is where they want to invest their talents.

3. Product Explainer Video

Animated explainers are still one of the best ways of making complex ideas easy to understand.

How would a prospect or potential client go from visitor to buyer without knowing everything there is to know? Give them a product explainer video. Map out your company’s process from beginning to end. Keep it upbeat but add in lots of product descriptions.

More important than getting someone’s attention is keeping it. That’s where product explainer videos help your startup shine brighter than your competition. You’ll want these to be super-engaging. So, consider things like animations and interactivity. Tools like next steps and “click here to sign up” calls-to-action tell a visitor what to do next.  

4. Promotional Video

They’re not a startup, but here’s how to do it - 2019 is looking like an amazing year for what is one our most creative clients!

So you’re about to do something big. Maybe your’re about to kick off your new startup. Maybe you’re on the verge of a huge new release of your product. A well-crafted promotional video it is the difference between a groundbreaking launch and drowning your sorrows in pints of ice cream.

Promotional videos are invitations. They give your audience a feel for your brand and what you’re doing differently. Use them to give a detailed overview of your upcoming events and highlight what their expectations should be. Close it out with a call to action that pushes viewers to sign up. It’s always the end goal of these videos.

5. Testimonial Video


Think of a startup or company you’ve never heard of (pretty impossible right?). Now imagine that you watch an amazing testimonial video about that company. If it’s done right, you’ll see real customers talking about everything you need to know - how they feel about the company, what value the company provided them, and how they’d recommend that company or service to other people.

Now think about your own startup. There’s nothing more genuine than having a happy customer sing your praises for other people to hear. So don’t be afraid to leverage successful relationships with your current customers to build new ones. Give your startup some much-needed oomph by approaching your current client roster for testimonials.

While positive feedback on platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and Google reviews can affect conversions, they’re not as personal as watching and listening to a positive review delivered in a video. Video testimonials are infinitely more valuable than typed up words on a page. They provide social proof that leads to a positive reputation for your brand, felt by real people.

6. CEO Message Video

Last, but certainly not least, is the video that showcases the 75,000’ view. Your CEO has the vision that is driving your startup to success. They oversee every part of the business and they make sure all the tactics and strategies line up with the overall goals of the company. They bring a certain kind of ‘star power’ when they step up for a video. Whether it’s an appeal for fund-raising, a push to find the best talent, or simply a greeting for new customers, the CEO is one of the best people in the startup to represent the company.

So book some time for them and give us a call. We’ll treat them right from start to finish and make them, and your startup, look great!

If you have any questions or thoughts on how video marketing works best for startups, shoot us an email. We’d love to talk shop about innovating for your brand.