6 Video Marketing Techniques You Need for 2018

It’s time to start planning your next big marketing moves for 2018. Do you have any idea what’s on your plate? Things are getting complicated in the digital marketing arena, and there is a heck of a lot to keep track of.

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Therefore, the key is to plan, plan, and then…plan some more. Concepts like live-streaming, experiential video marketing, and augmented reality may take a little more time to set up, so it’s best you try and strategize for the new year now. The following are a few of the top marketing tips you’ll need to know to keep you on track in 2018.

#1.  Revamping Webinars

Whether you realize it or not, some of your video content has already been created. If you held any webinars in 2017, now is the time to revamp them for use in other ways. Use the content from the webinar to create things that fit with your strategy. This can be anything from an edited video to soundbites, or creating blogs from the content. If you hold webinars at all, you already have a virtual treasure trove at your disposal.

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#2.  De-Corporatize Your Script

No matter how great the visuals are in your video content, if you sound like a robot, people will change the channel. It is essential you revisit all of your scripts for any video marketing to ensure they do not sound robotic and they are meeting the needs and tone of your audience.

It may be a good idea to grab a trusted customer or client and run it by them to see what their opinion may be. An outside set of eyes has never been harmful when editing. If the language is too sterile or just can't be understood by your audience, it will kill the whole story.

#3.  Micro-moments

Video is not only informative and persuasive, it can be immediate. Therefore, many marketers are choosing it to optimize touch points in 2018. From sales to marketing, legal and finance, personal connections can be made in business through video.

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What better way to follow up a sales meeting, than with a video micro-moment thanking the potential lead? How about acknowledging your customer through video for downloading your app? The opportunities to capture and convey micro-moments are limitless.

#4.  Reconfiguring Long Form Content

If you already have a collection of videos in your repository, why not break them up into more digestible forms of content? A 3-minute video can be divided into three separate, 1-minute videos if edited correctly. Reusing video content is never a sin if you get creative. Just make sure it makes sense, you use it correctly, and people don’t recognize you are recycling content.

#5.  International Audiences

Not everyone speaks your language. So, what happens if someone in another country wants to be your customer? Digital marketers are realizing the advantages to transcribing their videos and offering subtitles to talk to, and capture the interest of, international customers. This does not have to be a part of every piece of content. However, having a duplicate set of videos where there is an aspect of translation can help you cast a bigger global net for your product/service.


#6.  Creating a Culture

Marketers should get comfortable using video on the daily (or at least as much as possible). Creating a video marketing culture within your company will help make your digital marketing plans come to life. Why not have a local camera for the office and encourage employees to live-stream behind-the-scenes content? Use your imagination, but the more people you get involved in a video marketing culture, the easier it will become.

When it comes to marketing in 2018, it’s best to start from a “video first” perspective and lead from there. Creating a culture around video marketing that includes things like micro-moments and behind-the-scenes footage, means everyone can be involved.

Don’t forget to develop a deep understanding of your audience and speak to people in friendly tones (perhaps even other languages!) Sticking to a few of these simple techniques will help make your marketing strategy a super success in 2018.

If you have any questions or need suggestions for further video marketing in the coming year, give us a ring. This is our passion.