6 Ways to Win at Video Content Marketing Production

Video Content Marketing
Video Content Marketing

Over 50 percent of marketing professionals view video as the content type with the highest ROI, a statistic that may convince holdouts to add video to their marketing campaigns. These 6 tips can help novice and experienced video marketers win at content marketing video production with better content that achieves goals.

1. Hire a quality production team - To excel at content marketing video production, you must have well-produced videos. This isn't a task that should be left to entry-level staff; to compete with the pros, you'll need expert help. When planning your campaign, take the time to identify a reputable production team to shoot and edit the videos. There are many production teams that are affordable, so you should be able to find help no matter your budget.

2. Think beyond the pitch - Consumers can see through thinly veiled video content that's merely a pitch in disguise. If you want to succeed in video, you'll need to think creatively about your use of the medium and make videos that entertain and inform. For example, you might present a pain point of your clients, then demonstrate a solution.

3. Include an ask - Don't get so caught up in creating fun content that you forget to include an ask. At minimum, explain where viewers can find information about the product or link to a special offer page.

4. Follow SEO for content marketing video production best practices - Good video SEO can help users to find your video through search and increase your video views and rankings across channels. Consider adding transcripts, creating video playlists, and using descriptive metadata to improve your content's discoverability by viewers.

5. Release regular content - The most successful companies have over 50 videos on their channels. If you decide to explore video marketing, you'll want to release content regularly to build your brand, increase video views, and leverage the power of video. It takes time to reach viewers and more content helps you get there.

6. Promote your videos on social media - Social sharing can drive traffic to your YouTube or Vimeo channel. As a general rule, share each and every video you create across your social channels. This will help you reach your audience and can result in additional video shares.

Taken together, these tips will help ensure your video marketing campaign works. For more video marketing tips, contact us today.