A Few Tips to Shooting Top Testimonials

Anyone with a smartphone can shoot a video testimonial—but not one that will market your business efficiently. There are some common elements that top video testimonials share and the key idea is that they ultimately drive revenue. Why? Because they are the perfect form of social proof.

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Rather than jumping into this important aspect of your digital marketing strategy, there are a few things you should know about what makes a top testimonial and how to get there.

#1) Be a Storyteller

Testimonials establish rapport and trust, and they do this by conveying a personal message. The biggest testimonial challenges are not technical. Instead, they revolve around capturing honest and engaging speech that doesn’t sound rehearsed. You want to feel like the product or service has enriched or added value to this person’s life. You must do that by conveying their story (and your brand story) effectively in the testimonial.

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#2) Hire a Professional

Although it is easy to shoot a testimonial in the back of your office, there is no better way to get it looking good than through a professional service. Storyboard Media Group has helped produce expert testimonial videos with superior lighting, editing, and production. Testimonial videos are some of the most powerful pieces of marketing content in your stack, so it’s critical you have someone that knows what they are doing.

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#3) Try Less Scripted

Or not at all. The key is to be conversational. If you sound like a robot, people will know. It should flow and it can’t be forced. Testimonials are supposed to be honest so they can build trust. If your audience thinks you are putting them on, it will do just the opposite.

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The best way to not sound rehearsed is to ask your client about a favorite story they can tell. When someone is relaying a personal experience to your product/service, the truth tends to prevail. It is also up to you to know your customers and who’s apt to give you a shining review.

#4) Keep it Short

Three minutes should be About the max for a testimonial video. Although that is not set in stone and should never be chosen over creative license, anything past three minutes and your audience will drop off dramatically unless you have a compelling story with lots of excitement and big reveals. Make a video that someone can check out on the train or while they are waiting in line at the bank…not something they have to sit down for.

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#5) Stay Engaging

Your video doesn’t have to be just one person talking for three minutes straight. Of course, you want to change it up so people don’t lose interest. B-roll shots, product videos, and even screen captures are great ways to fill space. This is also why a professional is a good idea. They can also shoot all the b-roll for you.

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If you are getting ready to create some testimonials or you just have some questions on them, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you get started.