About Us Videos - How and Why You Need Them

One of the most important aspects of a business website, regardless of the type of industry that you're operating in, is the About Us video. Every business is searching for something to make them stand apart from the competition. An About Us video is one of the best ways to do this. So if your company doesn’t have one, or isn’t planning on creating one, you might just be missing out on the most powerful piece of content marketing in your arsenal. Remember that it's only an "afterthought" if you choose to treat it that way.

Don't Take Our Word For It

We've done a lot of work for a lot of companies in recent years. The common thread involved can be boiled down into one key element: their About Us videos. People aren't just finding them and watching them - they're really spending time with these videos and paying attention to them. The companies themselves are benefiting as a result.

These videos are designed to showcase the value each corporation brings to their customers as well as the premium quality of their products. Whether it’s innovation, creativity, people skills, or something else About Us videos show off each company's commitment to overall customer satisfaction, which is a hugely important element in today's crowded business marketplace.

It Can Be So Much More

Many people underestimate the significance of About Us videos because they don't quite understand what they're designed for in the first place. It's natural to assume that an About Us video is little more than that - a short video that briefly showcases your company, a new product or service or some other important piece of information that is largely superfluous. In reality, though, they can and should be so much more.

An About Us video is an excellent opportunity for branding. Because the overall style, look and feel of the video should all be consistent with not only the experience of your web page but of your organization in general, these videos are an excellent opportunity to create another channel for a consistent brand experience for customers. A well crafted About Us video is also a great way to distil your organization's overall message down into an easy-to-digest chunk. What is your company about? Why was it founded? What do you hope to accomplish and how does that benefit your client? One of those most effective ways to answer all of these questions, at least in the minds of your customers, is with a well-designed video.

These videos are also a great opportunity to shed a little insight into the culture of your organization. Not only can you provide a real-time glimpse of what your employees do on a daily basis and how your business operates, but it can also show off what makes your business different from your key competitors.

The Best Case Study?

When you think about a massive organization like Google, for example, one of the first things that comes to mind is the corporate culture that they've managed to cultivate over the years. Even though 99.9% of all people will never work for Google, people still can't help but be interested in the overall satisfaction of employees and about all of the fun that they seem to be having on the Google campus. This is because part of Google's image has historically involved showing off the corporate culture that they've created. A well-designed, well-placed and high quality About Us video is essentially your opportunity to do the exact same thing, albeit in a different industry.

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