Branded Product Promo Video

Branded product promo videos like this Davek Accessories example are increasingly important in the world of video content marketing. In fact, 57% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions.

The days of solo-channel, non digital marketing are long gone. Online marketing and social sharing have firmly taken the lead and they aren't going anywhere.

So the question is no longer if you should consider video marketing, but how and what makes a good branded product promo video?

Ask yourself these questions to get the answer:

1. Who is your audience? I've had some clients answer this question with "everyone." While it would be great to have everyone who sees your video be a potential client, 95% of the time, that's just not realistic. Try to narrow down your audience to a specific demographic, persona or set of needs to help fine tune your message. Davek Umbrellas caters to consumers who value about quality over anything else, and are willing to invest in a product that will last.

2. What is your message? Do you want to talk about your company's culture, the problem that your product or service solves, or why your team is so good at what they do? This client decided to talk about quality - why it's important to them that this product is made with great attention to detail and what the brand stands for.

3. What is the purpose of creating your branded product promo video, anyway? The purpose for a brand promo video is a very important consideration before starting your project. I've had clients say "we just want a video." But are you trying to increase sales, increase awareness, inspire, all of the above? There are many reasons for creating video content marketing - narrowing down your own reasons and tying these goals to the project will help maintain focus.

Altogether, the answers to these three questions will go a long way toward defining how your final video will look, what it will say, and who it will connect with. And are big steps toward ensuring a strong ROI on your video marketing.