New: Creative Kickstarter Video


"Every journey begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu

In this case, the journey began with a simple phone call. Our client reached out to us with the vision of creating a Kickstarter video that would stand apart from all the others. They wanted something different and eyecatching that would not only show the product they were going to get funded, but also show that their brand is fresh, young, and creative. It was extremely important to us that we understood the client's vision so that we could match what they had in mind. They loved the Dollar Shave Club commercial and really wanted something similar - but without the slightly racy undertones. Together, we came up with a concept that borrowed from that example, but had a look all its own.


There are a number of things that go into a video production like this: props, film crew, planning, meetings, production lighting and audio, actors...and the list goes on and on. The thing that made this project so much fun, was the amount of work that went into it and seeing the plan come to reality as the cameras rolled.

But when it comes to a successful fundraising video (nevermind all the technical stuff!), keep these things in mind:

  • Be creative and unique. Make your video stand out from the others. In the above example, the look of the video as well as the way the actor moves from scene to scene is memorable and will stand out to viewers.
  • Make your "ask" a personal one. It's best to have a real person on camera when it comes to asking for donations. Viewers need a personal connection if they're going to be expected to donate money.
  • Explain how your product is going to help people, or how it will affect their lives. Make it personal for people. Help them imagine how it feel to have your product in hand. Show them ways it can be used. We used multiple "locations" to show that there are many situations where the product can be useful.
  • Don't forget the other marketing avenues that should be involved. Whether you use Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe or any of the other crowd-funding sites, make sure the time and effort you've put in is successful by sharing the link to your page as much as possible. Reach out to bloggers who might have in interest in your product - they can help spead the word. Post the link to message boards that are relevant. Just make sure to cover all your marketing bases!



If you enjoyed this video and are thinking of creating one of your own - whether to raise funds, sell a product, tell people about your brand - feel free to take the first step by saying hello. We can find out more about your project and see how we can help make it happen.

By the way, a huge shout out to our friends at Buttertree Studios in New Jersey for providing the space needed for such a shoot.