Doing the Digital Dance of Video Marketing and SEO

Google incorporates video in nearly 62% of all search results

When people think of concepts like digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) they rarely take into consideration the power of video content. But video SEO is a very real thing and if you can get a handle on how it's done, you'll most assuredly have a leg up on the competition.


What is Video SEO?

Video marketing really began as soon as Google introduced what is known as the "Universal Tool" in 2007. This allowed search results to be blended (i.e. comprised of various forms of text, blog, PDF, images, and video). Prior to that, you had to really dig to find videos online.

Video SEO occurs when marketers utilize media to drive brand recognition, increase conversion rates, improve click-throughs, and boost web traffic. Although the opportunity for video SEO became available over a decade ago, many people still do not consider it a part of the realm of optimization.

Why Video SEO?

65% of business decision-makers visit a website after viewing a branded video.

Using video to rank your page higher up on the search engines is a genius tactic to increase your exposure. There are many different ways in which video can work in conjunction with your SEO strategies.

Improves Click-through Rates

In SEO this metric is known as CTR. Videos make people click. It's a fact. A recent study showed that videos actually have a 41% higher CTR than average text. That's almost twice as much!

Google uses YouTube snippets that it displays to users during a search. If you want your video to stand out and pull traffic directly to your site, it's best to embed your video in the code, rather than upload it to a platform. Never let your video host monopolize your web traffic.

It Makes Things Sticky

A term often used in SEO - when your website is "sticky" it simply means that the content is scrumptious, the journey makes sense, and therefore, people will stick with it by spending more time consuming your offers.

This is important to search engines because they look at the "dwell time" on your site to determine how to rank you. Videos will always make people stick around and the longer they do, the higher you rank.

Videos Build Links

 “Having a video compared to just text will almost triple the average number of linking domains.” ~Casey Henry, Director Engineering, Moz

People are the ones who link to your content and humans love videos. The more videos you have and the more people enjoy their time on your site, the more they are going to share it. This, in turn, builds links back to your page (which subsequently increases traffic).

Videos are easy to consume and thus they are shared over regular content at almost 3 times the rate. If you want to use video SEO to build links, consider the following methods:

  • Embed the video rather than linking to a third-party platform.
  • Keep your video focused. Try to remain on just 1 topic (it's easier to tag).
  • Make a high-quality video. You will lose an audience if it's not.
  • Understand the length options and make sure they match up with your message and platform.

Perhaps people do not touch upon video SEO more because they do not understand it. Ironically, video SEO is usually easier than optimizing text because oftentimes platforms will do it for you. YouTube will automatically create enriched snippets for search engines, and also allow you to endlessly tag your content with searchable keywords.

If you get on the ball with your video content now, you will surely have a competitive edge when it comes to the search engines. And when you make the search engines happy, more people get to see your page!