Explainer Videos - Even Robots Need Them

Budgee the Robot from 5 Elements Robotics stands at the ready in his new product video.

"This is truly beyond what I had hoped for. Storyboard hit it out of the park. I honestly don't know why I waited so long to have a video made for Budgee!" - Wendy, CEO 5 Elements Robotics


In the 1950 film Sunset Boulevard, lead character Norma descends a stairway to a room full of people who she mistakenly believes are all there to watch and film her grand entrance. After a short, delusional speech she declares a line that will live forever in movie history - "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

Budgee the Personal Assistant Robot was ready for his close-up too, but he was right to believe we were all there to film him. Over the course of two days, and in two different locations, we shot him talking, rolling, carrying, following instructions, and being driven. We learned a lot about robots, and learned even more about video production with a non-human character...with a lot of help from the team at 5 Elements.


When 5 Elements Robotics reached out to us, they were ready to create a video that could help extend the Budgee brand. Though he has already been shipping around the world, this video introduces him to a wider audience. It was important to create a video that explained how he can help, shows how easy and convenient he is, and how customizable his commands are. Working with the Budgee team we were able to pinpoint the most important points that needed to be conveyed and we made sure to include them all both in the script and visually.


Just like with any video that gets created, there are a lot of things there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. With Budgee, it went beyond writing the perfect script and showing him in action. 5 Elements wanted their video to connect with the audience. So, making a boring informational video was never the goal.

Although it's a little thing, the video starts with some..."quirky" music to set the stage. This type of music immediately sets this video apart from other corporate videos you've probably seen. It suggests the video is going to be fun to watch.

In addition to unique music, using people (actually, team members who got the start in acting with this video!) in kind of "quirky situations" also suggests the video is going to be interesting to watch. Little things? Sure. Effective? Yes.


We've worked with humans, dogs, and even miniature horses but this is our first time working with a robot. And we had a great time working with 5 Elements Robotics to bring Budgee to life on the big screen. Whether your video needs animals, people, animations, or just about anything else, reach out and say hello. Let's see how we can work with each other!