Filming a Conference in NYC


Leading-edge fashion and New York City; Two things that are inseparable. So it goes without saying that if you're going to have a day-long event dedicated to fashion marketing trends, there's no better place than New York.

Fashion Digital NYC 2016 brought together experts and marketers eager to share and learn important trends in fashion e-Commerce. A panel discussion hosted by inRiver and Jasper Studios focused on micro-moments. In addition to marketers from the host companies, the panel was rounded out by Google and Deborah Lippmann, and it was moderated by BigCommerce

Storyboard Media Group provided event video production and worked with the venue staff to film the panel discussion. We used 3 cameras, brought in lighting and captured audio on the fly. Now our client has very valuable and relevant content that they can share on their website, on social media, use as a webinar and more.

40 minutes well-spent

The panelists delivered some really important and insightful information. If you're curious to know what was said, and how you might use it for your own marketing, watch the full 40-minute video. And see some behind-the-scenes pictures below.

Filming a panel discussion in New York City leads to a lot of possibilities for any content marketing plan. It can be used in social media, webinars, email campaigns, on your website and more.


There is actually quite a bit to consider. For instance, the list might include:

  • How and when can the production team set up their equipment?
  • How many cameras are needed for what you'd like to accomplish?
  • What is the lighting going to be like? Does it need to be provided or is the venue lighting enough?
  • How will the audio be captured?
  • What is the set up going to be? Will it be on a stage, a riser, in a hall?
  • Will the presenters be moving around, or will they be stationary?

The list can be shorter or longer but this is a good start. The good news is that a good production company (like Storyboard Media Group) will cover all the bases for you. Our full-service video production means we'll even coordinate with the venue on your behalf because we think there are enough headaches for you to deal with when planning an event.

If you need your event filmed - whether a conference, a corporate event, a product release party, a panel discussion - reach out and say hello. We'll get the conversation started and get your event filmed for you.