From Good to Great- How To Make Excellent Video Marketing Content

It might seem like the process of actually shooting a video is the most important part of making video content great. That's just the most fun part. And while it is important, the picture above shows that in reality, there is so much more going on behind the scenes. Pre-production, post-production, marketing, distribution, and other elements can really affect the way the video is received, and they are often overlooked. When making video content, learning what it really entails to be successful can make or break your project.

What Goes Into Video Production

The many different elements of making video content come together and affect the whole picture. These include:

  • Planning the video

  • Scripting the video

  • Storyboarding the video

  • Recruiting talent

  • Shooting the video

  • Meetings to discuss all aspects of project planning

  • Travel

  • Color grading

  • Audio correction

  • Planning and coordination

  • Marketing and distribution

Why You Should Work With a Professional

As the above list shows, there are many different parts of making video content that require an expert touch. Chances are, you may understand and excel at one aspect of production but need help to make things work. A professional video production company will understand your business, your audience, your objectives, what drives your audience, and what type of video content will best connect with your target audience. From storyboarding and scripting to setting the tone during filming, professionals can help make the entire experience easier.

After the initial shoot, which can be fun and creative, video production pros can deliver the resource and project management skills to see your video through. This includes all of the post production editing, which involves everything from adding on motion graphics to sound mixing to color grading, to determining the best film types and looks to achieve your objectives.

Once your video is released, the video production company can help you determine metrics to track your ROI and ensure that the entire process was worth it. They'll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you fully understand the metrics and objectives you can measure your video's success with -- the number of plays or social shares, for example -- and make sure you see ROI.

Next time you plan on making video content, take the steps beforehand to find the right production partner to help you achieve all of your goals. This can make all the difference between spending time and money on an effective film and missing the mark.