How to Get Great Holiday Results with Your Video Marketing

Have you started crafting a video marketing strategy for the holidays?

Well, WINTER IS COMING! But it’s not too late! There are still things you can do to prep your brand for excellent year-end results.

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Now is the time to dive into holiday planning and the following are a few tips we have for the best ways to maneuver your video marketing plans:

#1) Set Your Goals

A good strategy always starts with clearly defined goals. What is it that you want to accomplish this holiday with your video? Consider some of the following to spark your fancy:

·       Products that make great gifts.

·       Driving revenue.

·       Sharing your expertise.

·       Spreading holiday cheer.

·       Creating customer connections.

·       Formulating brand engagement.

Once you decide what you want to do with your marketing videos it will help you work toward a specific goal and custom message that will drive year-end revenue.

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#2) Market Research

What will your specific customers find useful for the holidays? Look through your products and/or services and determine what will resonate with your target audience. Understanding who you are speaking to in your video will help create inspiration for gift ideas.  

Another good approach is to try and understand what problems it is that your customers will face these holidays and offer them a video with solutions. Being a problem solver for people during the busy year-end is like being a life saver—and people won’t be quick to forget your brand.

#3) Use Every Avenue

Most people only use a corporate video on one or two platforms without realizing the true potential of the content. Video marketing is about exploring every avenue and knowing the best places to reach your customers. The click-through rate of an e-mail with a video is 300-400% more than just text. That is HUGE! And yet it often doesn’t occur to people to include even a short video in an e-mail campaign.

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Another clever way to use e-mail in sales is as a follow-up SMS to the client. Why send a lengthy e-mail when you can shoot them a quick video text? Besides the obvious platforms of social media, video marketing is about branching out and reaching people everywhere.

#4) Measure Results

The best way to know if you’ve done a good job is metrics, metrics, metrics! You have to measure what you are doing as you are doing it to understand if you have done it well. Make sense?

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So, prior to launching any video marketing campaign, make sure you have established a few key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge how the project is going. If you have measured your campaigns in the past, this may be a good baseline for you to start. If you are starting fresh, setting metrics around the number of videos you create is a good start. Video views, reactions, and shares are also good ways to gauge your success.

If you have any questions about video marketing over the holidays, feel free to contact us. We’d love to get you closed out successfully for your year-end!