How To Get the Most Out of Your Video Marketing in 2019

Keep these things in mind when designing and creating video content for your brand.

Keep these things in mind when designing and creating video content for your brand.

1. Define your video content goals as quickly as possible.

We’ve all been there - Decisions by committee. Input from the C-suite. Changing mileposts. Numerous messages you want to get across all at the same time, and all in one video….

It’s times like these that it makes sense to stay inside the lines. So whether it's to increase hits to a particular landing page, increase revenue, explain who you are or what your product is, or to simply get a video with 100,000 views, goals will give you something tangible to measure against. And they’ll drive all your decisions to keep you and the project on track.

Pick one or two of the most important goals and stick to them.

2. Track and test the effectiveness of your call(s) to action.

How do you know if a video is doing what it needs to? One way is to A/B test different calls to action. Try one call to action for a specific amount of time, then try another for the same amount of time. Does one perform better than the other? You can even take a little from each CTA and combine them into one powerful call.

You can also use a unique CTA for your video for very direct information about how it’s performing. We’ve had several clients create new landing pages on their website that could only be found when people watched their videos. And others have purchased new phone numbers to use in the CTA of their video. That way, they knew any calls coming to that number must have come from the video.

3. Use Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is still one of the best indicators for measuring video marketing ROI. Install or connect your current account to track the total number of people who watched a video and then went through to the linked sign-up page. You can follow their movements to see if your video is having an impact.

Another way to use Google Analytics would be including a promotional code that will only be revealed when a piece of video content has finished playing. Let your viewers know this is going to happen so they stay with you until the end.

4. Test different thumbnails.

If you find that a piece of content is performing poorly, it might not be the content. So start simply by leaving the video alone and changing its thumbnail image to something more effective and enticing.

5. Track the leads that each video is generating.

Get specific ROI on your video by inserting a "Contact Us" link in the description of the video. If you put your video on YouTube, you can also embed a link in the video so that as people watch, the link will pop up in your video.

6 Use and use again

In the movie Contact, one of the characters states that the first rule in government spending is “why buy one, when you can have two at twice the price?” Well, that’s great for government but not for a business.

Since you’re putting so much time, effort and money into content why not reuse it? For example, if you’re creating an “About Us” video think about ways to take little pieces from it for social.

And while you’re planning your video, keep the idea of reusing it mind. That way you can plan it out in a way that allows you to take shorter parts of it for different purposes.

7. Find out how your video is performing with other analytics.

Site visits are one thing, but if each visitor is only spending a few seconds on your site you aren't going to see the type of results that you're after. This goes for video content marketing as well. Determine if your whole video, or just a portion, is being watched.

Most video hosting sites can show you how many people click on your video, how many watch it all the way, where they might be dropping off, and other important data. This can be a goldmine for you to get the most from your video content.

Check out YouTube’s creator academy, Vimeo’s educational series and Wistia’s page about analytics.

8. Work with video producers who understand marketing goals as well as creative goals.

We’ve helped clients with learning, training and demo videos, product showcases, events, testimonials and just about everything else. It starts with a conversation. Looking forward to hearing from you!