How To: Making a Creative Corporate Video

VIDEO MARKETING - WE're surrounded by it

Over the last couple of years, video content marketing has taken off and continues to become more and more important. It seems like every company, every brand, every startup is producing video content to share. The challenge for marketers has gone from creating content, to creating quality content. But even that might not be enough. Some brands will find the need to create quality content that stands out.

What defines quality video content? It's valuable/relevant to the viewer, it conveys information, it matches your brand and most importantly it delivers great ROI.

But there's another element that marketers don't often consider - uniqueness. You can make a video with all the characteristics listed above and that's fine. It will get the job done. But adding that little "something" to make it different and memorable puts you ahead of your competition. It makes you stand out. It makes people remember and relate to your content.

How do you connect to your audience with a corporate video? Make it fun and easy to relate to!


When our client came to us, their request was a simple one - create a great corporate video that is unique, fun, catches the viewer's attention, introduces a new app, and will create a lasting impression for those who see it. The CEO of the company made it clear that this should not be a standard, run-of-the-mill video. We were given full license (with a little guidance from the client's team) to create a concept, write the script, and produce the content.


  • Be Brave: In order to stand out, you have to be willing to do something different. That means staying away from delivering your information in a straight, well-established way. It might mean telling a story. It might mean using visuals that you don't see in everyday corporate videos. It can also mean having fun with your message, or even poking fun at yourself if it's done correctly. Think about all the videos you watch (especially in your industry), think about the things they all have in common, and then do something different!
  • Start With a Great/Fresh Concept: In the example video, we understood from our client that the main benefit of their new app service is that puts an end to the pain everyone feels when it's time to look for a new car. That pain and discomfort is something almost all of us can relate to. So made a play on the 5 Stages of Grief concept that is popular in psychology; The stages are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. In a way, these are all stages we go through when dealing with the new car process.
  • Use Humor: Think of how many videos you see that are funny. Having trouble? It sometimes seems like corporations and brands think humor is a bad thing. But if you can think of humorous commercials or web videos, they're probably videos you can remember very well.
  • Give Viewers Something They'll Actually Like Watching: It's safe to say that we all agree that a large majority of brand videos are a little....flat. And that's OK. Sometimes it's important to be serious and to convey information in a clear, concise way. But it's really not often that we're entertained in the world of corporate videos.

Here's an exercise: Imagine having a choice of two videos to watch - One is fun and unique while the other is dry and information-driven. They both get the same point across, but in different ways. Which would you choose? If you answered "the fun one" you understand that the brands who learn to create interesting, valuable and unique content stand a better chance of winning in the video content marketing space.

Creating unique content doesn't mean throwing away all the work you've put into building your brand just to be seen as the next "it" company. And it definitely doesn't mean forsaking your brand at all. It's just another way to stand apart from your competition in a crowded space.

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