How to use Video in your Personalization and/or ABM Strategy

When 70% of B2B marketers say video is their number one medium for driving conversions, it’s time to start listening. But it’s not so much that people aren’t aware of the trend of video marketing, they’re just not sure how the medium applies to account-based marketing strategies.

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The intersection of video marketing and ABM strategy is happening, and it’s time to get on board. So, the next step is figuring out how to incorporate both techniques into your business.  

Ways to Use Video in Account-Base Marketing

As long as you are creative, there are countless ways to mesh video marketing with ABM. If you need some ideas, however, the following should start you on the right path:

One-on-One Videos

After sales meet with a client there is always going to be follow up. This is typically done through e-mail, calling, or text. But what if the salesperson could have one last conversation with the client as if they were face-to-face? This is the concept of shooting and sending quick one-on-one videos as a means of follow up.

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How does this generally work? It’s easy. Videos can be placed virtually anywhere. If you have an e-mail drip campaign, they can simply be embedded into the text of the e-mail itself. Then, it plays as soon as the prospect opens the e-mail.

Some salespeople also choose to send video through SMS. This may be easier if they are communicating via phone. Then the quick “thank you,” message can play right on the client’s mobile device.

Personalized Videos

Another form of reaching out to the customer with a personal video is through customized video messages. Rather than a salesperson shooting the video and sending it to the client, the video can be of anything and still contain branded content of the lead.

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Personalized videos are shot and then can be edited to show things like:

·       Client name

·       Company name

·       Personal message

·       Brand colors

·       Logo

·       Etc..

Your message can be whatever you imagine. This type of seamless personalization can generate a higher rate of click-throughs and stronger engagement. In fact, the numbers don’t lie. A recent survey showed that personalized video messages from sales reps increase response rate by 5x-8x.

Sales Process

There are many other ways cross-sectional marketing happens between video and ABM. Using video messages throughout the sales process is the modern way to market to people on the go. Some people are getting even more clever and sending personalized videos through direct mail.

Whether personalized or shot one-on-one, there are many ways to incorporate video marketing with accounts-based marketing. In fact, these days, it might be the only way you can get people to pay attention!

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If you have any question about how to incorporate your accounts-based marketing techniques with video, give us a call. We happy to help you incorporate video into your campaigns today.