How Video Can Help Transform Your Talent Strategy

Video is always valuable to your content management, but it is critical to a talent strategy. No matter how advanced we become technologically, your company still needs top-notch talent to innovate and lead the way.

Talent Strategy 101

The way in which we meet, hire, and nurture individuals, has drastically changed. It's not about securing human resources, it's about engaging talent.

A talent strategy is the result of the work you do in talent management. Developing, deploying, and connecting important segments of the workforce are part of the job and that relies on impeccable communication. A video can say a million words in a few short minutes, so it should come as no surprise it's a valuable tool in talent strategy. Here's exactly how it can help throughout the process:

Attract and Develop


Targeted ad campaigns, online job boards, and even e-mail blasts are all prime spots to place a quick recruitment video. Interviewing thought leaders and happy employees is one way to demonstrate a universal company culture, in a short amount of time.

Additionally, there is no better way to reach a millennial workforce, than through an engaging video on social platforms.

Deploy and Retain

The very best models for talent management all state that in order to succeed, a company must be able to source, engage, develop, and retain the top echelon of talent in their market. Once you have attracted and hired new talent, you must think about retention. 

Training videos are one way to engage a new workforce and hone their skills to pair with company culture. Now, we're not talking the sleep-inducing kind. We're talking about integrating videos with interactive features, and gorgeous visual content. 

Employee recognition videos are another way that a business can use video marketing with their talent strategy. Ensuring a high-performance culture sometimes means spotlighting your talent, and a quick video is the perfect way to do it.

Connect and Motivate

This is perhaps where video has the most potential for talent strategy. Hiring a superstar is one thing, but keeping them at your company is an entirely different story. Video can be used in creative ways to keep employees engaged, motivated, and active in the community.

Internal communication videos are like the modern "memo." There's no easier way for a CEO to connect and inspire a workforce than a quick and engaging video. (Perhaps this could be a weekly thing?) Creating a sense of purpose is the overwhelming differentiator in keeping top talent. Enlisting high-performing employees and thought leaders to help shoot recruitment videos is a fun way to bring your video marketing full circle.

These are simply a few of the ways in which you can enhance your talent strategy with video marketing. Everyone wants to get their hands on top talent these days, so you have to grab their attention quick—but keep it forever. Video is the key to making that happen.

If you need help shooting a corporate video for your talent strategy, contact us and we can help you get some talent in the door today.