What Brand Awareness and Brand Recall Have in Common: Video

80% of customers remember a video they've watched in the past 30 days. Compare that to 10% of people remembering what they read.

Brand awareness is prompted by brand recall, and brand recall happens when a compelling message or video gets stuck in your audience's heads. Kind of like that pop song that you secretly love to hate... and get caught scream-singing in your car when you think no one is watching :)


It's not rocket science but building brand awareness is a carefully honed art. Video content is in high demand and there are a number of reasons it's the ultimate tool for branding.

Dwell Time

By now, everyone has heard the latest stat on how bad the average attention span is these days... It's 8 seconds. We get it. We're all busy #unicorning, #beastmoding, #sidehustling and #squadgoaling. But good video content is one of the few things that people will still take that extra time to dwell on and consume.

Have you ever watched a TV show and it felt like it was over too soon, only to look at the clock and find that hours had passed as you were binge watching? Online video content is the same idea. When people are watching video content, they tend to dwell on the page. And that's pure gold for businesses and marketers.

This is an important metric when it comes to digital marketing. Otherwise known as "dwell time," the longer users stay on your page, the higher the chances of brand recall and conversion. Whether people know it or not, they are absorbing more and more of your brand the longer they stay. That's why search engines actually take dwell time into consideration when ranking your page.


Just like dwell time, video content promotes brand recall by making your website sticky. Not only are people drawn to clicking on your video, they may also utilize the time to scroll and absorb other content on your page. Thus, users remain longer. Essentially, they are "stuck" to your page.

Brand Continuity

If you are making a suite of videos, it's important you create an ongoing theme. Video content is an incredible way to establish brand continuity through a variety of messages that tell a story. Using consistent graphics, fonts, and colors is one way to generate brand continuity—which in turn feeds directly into brand recall.

You can also create brand recall by establishing a brand persona and infusing it into your video content. This can be anything from a helpful mascot to a specific spokesperson, or an animated character. Any type of personality your audience can identify with will always shine right through in video content.


Video content also promotes brand recall by playing well with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Think about it. When you view your search results, what is the first thing that catches your eye? The imagery, of course—and videos are right at the top. People will click videos that are relevant to their search 3 times as fast as they will scan through text.

Additionally, people love videos and they love to share them. Video content will not only attract more users to your brand, it will turn more people into brand advocates. The higher-quality your video content is, the more shareable it becomes. Quality makes a difference. In fact, over 90% of the most popular"viral" videos being shared are made by professional producers.

There should be no argument about the massive popularity of video content and it's effect on your brand. It increases the amount of time people stand in front of you, it gets them talking about you, remembering and sharing your name by word-of-mouth, and it creates authentic continuity—all of which feed directly into brand awareness and recall.

If you need help creating a video to promote your brand message, we're a full-service video production company that specializes in high-quality video for brand promotion. Contact us and we can get started today.