How Video Helped A Kickstarter Campaign

Davek NYC makes some of the best, if not THE best, umbrellas around. Engineered for strength, designed for look and feel. This is the second Kickstarter project they've done using video. With the help of 20K views they were able to reach their goal of $85K in funding.

THAT WAS THEN...(Target amount reached)

Davek Accessories is a NYC-based company that makes high-quality, engineered umbrellas that withstand wind and rain that make other umbrellas give up and die. Now, no one likes losing their umbrellas and getting caught in a rainstorm. But these are the types of umbrellas you really, really don't want to lose.

So in early 2015, Davek NYC turned to Kickstarter to fund a new concept - using Bluetooth technology to make an umbrella you cannot lose, and a new product - the Davek Alert. With the help of a well-crafted video they raised more than their goal of $50,000. The video, getting more than 20K views, was an important piece of the campaign.


THIS IS NOW....(Target amount surpassed)

With the success of the Davek Alert campaign our client decided to make a return to Kickstarter to fund two new lines of Alert umbrellas. One that is smaller than the orginal, and one that is larger. Filming took place over three afternoons at five different locations. The result is a video that was an important part of the Kickstarter campaign, and helped achieve much more than the orginal goal. Davek sought $80,000 in funding and successfully raised over $105,000 with close to 1000 funders. That equals success...again.


Video production is an important part of any marketing or fund-raising strategy. Viewers get a chance to see the people behind the "ask" and let's them know there's a real person or company on the other side  a very important thing that text alone on a webpage can't do. A video can excite people, or get them to think or feel a certain way and that causes them to take action too. But most importantly, a well-crafted video sets you apart from your competitors and gets people to notice you, share your info, and trust that their money is well-spent.

Davek's video was helpful because it covered these points:

  • It let them know Davek Inc. is a real company - A well-crafted video tells viewers that a real company is behind the marketing campaign. This helps viewers trust that their
  • It excited people, or got them to think or feel a certain way - We showed people actually using the umbrellas in ways that matched the message - showing how easy it is to pair the app and umbrella, how the app helps you remember your umbrella, how compact they are, how large they are, etc.
  • It set them apart from their competitors - Another umbrella company was already on Kickstarter and asking for funding. But this video completely differentiated Davek brand and set them far apart from the others. Part of the appeal of Davek umbrellas is that they're incredibly well-crafted. So we showed some of the process that is involved to make the umbrellas and explained what goes into each one. From blueprints to product shots, and from a wind test to explaining the app and proximity awareness.

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