Infographic: Anatomy of a Product Launch Video


The sweat, the tears, the planning, the strategizing. It all comes down to this: It's time to introduce your new product or service to the world. The blog posts are written, the emails are ready to go, and the whole team is watching. Is a product launch video part of the plan too? If not, (all obvious bias of ours aside) you may be missing out on what many content marketers consider to be more effective than blog posts, webinars, articles on your website, and even mobile content.

The Big Question

Clients who are in the planning stage often ask "what do we need to get started on a video?" and "how long will something like this take?" The answer is always different based on the scope and type of video, but we always try to give a realistic answer. And to help with that answer we picked a recent product launch video we did, broke it all down and created an infographic that shows what it took to get from concept to completion.

Key Takeaways

As you can see, planning ahead is extremely important. The more complex the video, the more planning, people and time needed to produce it. Throughout the process, good communication is key. It's not about the amount of communication, but the quality of it. Its effects might be subtle, but consistent back and forth helps to keep things on track, in scope and true to the message. Lastly, make sure to build in enough time for the process of creating a video. It isn't something that can happen overnight....If it does, it's probably not something that is going to represent you well.

We think it's really important for clients to understand the elements that go into video production. That knowledge helps manage expectations and creates the best chance for a successful launch. So in the next couple of weeks we'll be writing a couple more blog posts about the information shown here. Be sure to check back (or subscribe) to get more insights for your future projects.