Is Your CEO Part of Your Video Marketing Strategy?

4 Billion Strong is a new Internet-based subscription service for women. CEO Gretchen Cotnoir explains the start up company's mission and value statement in this video.



In our 2014 annual video content marketing survey, respondents reported that getting buy-in from the C-Suite for video content marketing was one of the biggest challenges to producing content. Here's one way to get them on board!

When it comes to About Us Videos or Brand Videos, one of the most effective things you can do is include team members to deliver your message. Take it a step further and invite your CEO to deliver the information. 

Storyboard recently worked with 4 Billion Strong, a new Internet-based subsciption service for women, and helped put together a video (watch below) that included CEO Gretchen Cotnoir. This is a great example of using the face of company to state “we stand behind what we do, what we say, and where we’re going”.


Let’s be honest….We’ve all seen at least one corporate video that looks like it was filmed with a flip phone and sounded like the microphone was wrapped in a blanket. This is bad, bad, bad. A lot of companies think this type of low-key video makes them look like an “average joe” and puts a “personal” face on their business. Are there situations where that makes sense, and times when a company doesn’t need to spend any money for video production? Absolutely (just think about the ALS ice bucket challenge videos). But most of the time this is an ill-advised attempt that comes off looking cheap and amateur. I’ve spoken firsthand with marketers who came to us seeking professional video production only after they had attempted one of these “organic” videos. In retrospect, their attempts were considered a set back, a waste of time, and were ultimately met with blank stares from the team and silence from customers.


Let’s say you’re a B2B company selling high-tech services of products. Your online video, the business card of the digital age, is front and center. Unfortunately, it’s your CEO sitting in a fluorescent-lit room being bombarded with glaring sunlight coming from the windows. To make matters worse, the microphone on the camera makes it sound like he or she is talking to you through a pillow. Is that really the right way to portray your business? Does it instill confidence in your clients or potential customers? To use an analogy from the auto world - what would you think if you walked into a Lamborghini dealership where you were about to throw down serious money, and you saw old floors with tiles coming loose, ceilings with water damage, and an unrecognizable smell?


These things may seem simple, but whether it's the CEO, a team member, or a valued customer in your video, the key ingredients to an effective and professional looking video are simple;

  • Good lighting
  • Good audio
  • Good background
  • Great message

Match the look of your video to how you want to portray your company. And make sure your CEO looks good - hair is managed and he or she is dressed accordingly. Most importantly, before asking anyone to be in your corporate video (even the CEO), make sure they're comfortable on camera and are able to deliver your message in the right way. Having lots of energy and being well-spoken is absolutely necessary. This is one huge piece of your marketing strategy and it needs to be done right. 

Are we just a little bit biased toward well-done corporate video production? Absolutely, and for all the right reasons. We want to help you make sure you’re putting out a video that matches your brand, makes you look good and pays off for you in the end. That’s our passion, and we can help you achieve yours.