Lead Generation Tips for Startups & Brands Using Video Marketing


If You’re in Growth Mode, Here are Some of Our Favorite Lead Gen Tips. Startups are already experts at failing fast, A/B Testing and trying out new and disruptive ideas so this article is more focused on how to try on a few marketing tactics that can help you scale and model after established brands that are doing things right.


1. Tighten up your strategy. 

While a megabrand can take months to model out layers of annual plans, startups can take an agile approach.

The basics are: Know who your target buyers are, their titles, where they are geographically, what industries they’re in, what conferences they attend and their reading/personal interests.

Now, prioritize. It’s tempting to want to go after everyone at once. Take this data, pick one vertical where you have expertise and resource to support it, then choose two more verticals to start nurturing. LinkedIn is a great tool for this primary research and your outreach. 


2. Lean on Your Customers. 

Fortune and FTSE 100 companies have entire departments dedicated to customer retention and engagement because it costs 5x more to secure a new customer than keep and upsell existing clients. It’s no surprise that the quickest new business wins are driven by the customers you have.

So, call in some favors. Build a list of similar, competitor and partner companies, ask for introductions.

Curate a suite of success stories, testimonials, and problem/solutions sets as content for campaigns, your website and sales tools. These proof points are gold. They answer tough questions and build credibility across all of your channels.


3. Tap Your Influencers.

Influencers with unique authority on a topic, celebrity appeal or access to a target audience you’ve been trying to engage, can be a game changer. But your strategy can quickly backfire if you forget these three steps: 

  • Build a Real relationship. There’s nothing worse than the obvious #ad or #sponsored post. Make sure the feeling is real and mutual. You’ll get more out of the relationship.

  • Vet your influencers. Impressive bio, check! Amazing audience and engagement metrics, check! Then... you find out that the skeletons in her/his closet could hurt your business. Do the homework! 

  • Keep it Natural. If video’s part of the strategy, most of the rules used in integrated campaigns still apply. Video is about emotion, connecting, informing, so don’t be heavy handed on the scripting. It comes off wooden and inauthentic. If your influencers’ passions, opinions and voices can’t shine through, the audience won’t buy it. 

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