Make Content Marketing Dollars Stretch with Video

stretching money.gif

“Buy 1, Get 1 Free.” There’s a great sentence. Or better yet, “3 for the Price of One.” There’s nothing like knowing we’re getting more for our money when it’s time to do some shopping.  

The same should be said for your video content. Unfortunately, it isn’t said nearly enough. Because when it comes to video, we find that a majority of our clients approach a project with one goal – or one end product - in mind. It might be one testimonial video, one product video, or one explainer video. But planning ahead can help create multiple opportunities for your content and is a great way to get more for your marketing money and help improve your ROI for all your time and effort.

Case in Point

Product video CEO interview

Storyboard Media Group did some work for a growing startup that offers probiotics. They’re in a lot of stores across the USA and they’re ready to go international. Even though they’re more and more market share they’re still relatively new to the market. So the plan was to create a brand video by filming the co-founders telling their personal stories along with shots of the team, some animation, product shots and more.

Here’s their full-length product video

While they were very happy with the outcome of having a unique product video to use and introduce their brand, they thought ahead and had other uses in mind for the content. To maximize the impact of the shoot our client had us create multiple versions.

This is one of three social media shorts

Total deliverables for the project

social media marketing gif.gif
  • Full-length product video

  • Short animation for social media seen above

  • Short animation GIF for social media and banner ads

  • Two additional shorts for social media use

Your Possibilities are Endless

This project is a clear example of multiple uses from one project, and each version delivers its own message to a different subset of viewers - visitors to their site, Facebook ads, website banners for targeted marketing.

Working smarter and more efficiently is extremely important – even if you’re lucky enough to have an unlimited budget in your department. But if you’re like the majority of us, you’re always figuring out how to do more with less. So when preparing for a video project, remember to think about all the different ways the same footage can be used. You might be surprised what you can get for your money.