Making a Corporate Video - Part 1

Making a corporate video
Making a corporate video

Planning for Success

Making a corporate video involves a lot of moving parts. Some clients think it's as simple as turning on a camera and hitting the record button. But making a quality video for your company is much more in-depth. Being successful requires good planning right from the start.

Roll Cameras!

Production day is all about having fun with the creative process. In the "behind-the-scenes" picture above you can see the lighting and microphones used to film this project. This is the real hands-on process of making a corporate video. What isn't as obvious is some of the planning choices we made in picking this location.

This is actually a commercial being produced about our client's dental implant technique. Dentistry can make some people very anxious, so Malo Smiles was concerned with making a corporate video that was clean, modern and inviting. We listened to that requirement and decided on the main lobby - an area of their office with big windows, clean white walls, plants, and a modern look and feel - as a background.

Here's the Takeaway - Location, Location, Location!

Location. It's not just for real estate. It's a very important, and often overlooked piece of video production so be sure to give it some thought. What are you trying to say and what is it telling your viewers? If you want them to know you're a fun company, have interesting things on the walls or employees interacting in the background. If you want to show a serious side pick a location that shows power or a serious tone. Remember that it's not just about the script, music, or on screen presence and be sure to work with your video production company to come up with the best spot to film your video.