Marketing Video Production - Cost and Planning

What does a house have to do with video production anyway?

What does a house have to do with video production anyway?

How much is it going to cost?

It’s a question we hear over and over. Clients say they need a 60 second video and want to know what their budget should be. Almost every time our answer is the same….’it depends.’ No, we’re not trying to be cute or evasive. It’s just very hard to quote when we don’t know much about what goes into that 60 seconds.

What’s with the house GIF in this blog post?

When a new client asks how much something will cost, we often start with this analogy: In many ways, corporate video production is a lot like having a house built. When people have a house built, they always want to know how much will it cost. The answer from the home builder is very often….‘It depends.’ Every new house is different. Yes, they all have windows, doors and roofs. But there are a ton of elements that drive the cost: How many floors will it have, how much square footage will there be, what kinds of windows, doors, siding and roofing, what kinds of finishes?....and on and on.

Video production is very similar, but the questions are different: How long will it be, what kind of video is it, will it include motion graphics, live action or both, are any actors needed, is script-writing needed, how many hours of filming will be needed?...and on and on.

So, how much is it going to cost?

It depends. But this article is supposed to be helpful so here are three suggestions. And really, the only three ways to get the question answered.

Option #1: If possible, have a starting budget in mind. It’s even better if you have a budget range. Then let your video production company know more about what you’re trying to achieve with your content marketing. If you choose the right company they’ll try to work with you to outline what type of video can be created, what elements can go into it, and what the end product will look like. Be prepared for suggestions on how to stay within your video budget while coming away with a project that tells your story and does it in a way that makes your company look good.

Option #2: If you don’t have a budget in mind, have a really good idea of what you want to see in your video. Be ready to answer as many of these questions as you can:

  • How long will it be?

  • Is it live action, animation or both?

  • Do you need help with coming up with a concept or a script, or will your team provide these?

  • Does it require actors? If so, how many?

  • When do you need it?

  • Will it need a voice over?

  • If it’s live-action, what kind of footage will we need to capture and where? Your office? Somewhere else?

  • If it’s a live event, how much coverage are you looking for? Do you want interviews of attendees? Do you need all-day coverage?

The more info you have coming into the partnership, the easier it will be to answer the cost question.

Option #3: If there’s a video you’ve seen and you want one just like it, we want to see it. We’ll be able to see all the things that went into it, and how much time it will take us. We’ll break it down for you and explain those things so it makes sense to you. And then, hopefully, we get to work together.

We want our clients to get the most out of their experience with us, and we know that navigating the world of video production can be tricky. We’re here to help you figure it all out from square one.