Motion Graphics as Video Content Marketing

Storyboard Media Group partnered with Kingsborough Community College, part of the CUNY college system in Brooklyn, NY to produce three pieces of video content marketing - a motion graphics video commercial for screening before movies in national theater chains, a 30-second television commercial featuring interviews, and a long form testimonial video that they can share on their website and across social media.

This motion graphics video was the first to be completed and will soon be seen in New York City theaters. The college wanted to use motion graphic in this video content marketing project to engage with their younger demographics, and increase awareness and interest in the school, its programs and successes. The main concept was for a quick, fun piece and get these points across in 30 seconds.

the greatest things about working in the video production field is getting to know our customers. Kingsborough and the entire CUNY system is amazing. The range of their available program majors, the quality of their staff (one is a NASA scientist for example!), and the diversity and success of their students is outstanding.