New Ways of Watching Video for Young Consumers


Video marketing isn't just for the adults. To gain a real edge in your market, you have to include kids and younger consumers. They might not be as financially strong as the adults, but you're relying on them to help you get the word out about your brand. And when a child latches onto a concept, it’s tough for the parents to say no.

Younger viewers and teens watch more internet vids than television. 67% of consumers aged 13 – 24 say YouTube is a necessity they can't do without, consuming about 12 hours of it a week.

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Additionally, targeting your video marketing efforts with the viewer's device in mind (in terms of format and length of each) is uber important. You don't want to end up spending tons of money and other resources on a video that looks great on a laptop but terribly cropped on something like an iPhone.

Here's a short list of what the younger crowd is watching your videos on:

Gaming Consoles

Despite watching fewer and fewer cable TV shows, younger viewers are still keeping the flat screen companies in business with their gaming consoles. Usual suspects include:

  • Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360

  • Sony's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3

Odds are you're familiar with these because they're virtually everywhere you look. Most kids jump on for a few hours a day and watch gameplay videos. Gameplay videos help guide users through difficult or more challenging aspects of popular games.

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666 million people around the world consumed game content made by fans, publishers, and channel hosts in 2017. That’s a massive amount of video content being watched that has nothing to do with a TV or computer.

Media Streaming Boxes

Media players are becoming ever more popular as a means for young people to consume video. Almost every major manufacturer of electronics offers their base one of these nifty boxes as part of their product line.

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Google Chromecast

  • Apple TV

  • Roku Ultra

Younger consumers are flocking to them for simplicity and on-demand convenience. Like game consoles, users of these boxes can watch their videos right from their living room TVs. Not to mention, they're cheap. Most sell for less than $100.

Handheld Game Systems

These gadgets are in and in a big way. They give users the excitement of online gameplay and video viewing without the need for a giant glowing screen. The most popular brands on the market include:

  • Nintendo Switch

  • PSVita (by PlayStation)

These 6-inch screens are perfect for personal gameplay without the need for a wired-up game console. They were released relatively recently, are wifi-ready, and optimized for video sites like YouTube. Handheld game systems are the next frontier in digital video marketing.

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Cell Phones and Tablets

Whether you're into iPhone or Android, you already know..."there's an app for that." Ten years after those iconic words were coined, it's still true.

More than 75% of worldwide video viewing is on a mobile device. That's amazing news for advertisers. 60% of their digital marketing budgets are earmarked for video.

Video marketing is pivoting every minute of the day. The scope and method of viewing are consistently reshaped. The best way for you to take advantage of cutting-edge innovation is to remain thoughtful, openminded, and willing to take chances. Test your theories, and then test them again.

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Consider the needs of an audience before interest. What are people watching your content on and where will they see it? Younger consumers have tons of options so remember that when creating your next video. They might not always hold the purse strings but getting their attention could prove your most valuable move.

If you have any questions on young consumer video or want to get started, give us a shout. We make it a habit to stay on top of trends!