Only in New York: Video Production in a City that Never Sleeps

I want to be a part of it, New York, New York
These vagabond shoes, they are longing to stray
And step around the heart of it, New York, New York

~Frank Sinatra

Dare we say that the city of New York is one of the best places for video production in the world? Who’s biased? It’s just the truth. When you think of film making your mind tends to wander to Hollywood, but in terms of its size, New York is truly the giant.

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Quick Stats

Despite the fact that California raked in $30 billion last year from the TV and film industry, it still placed 4th in feature film productions. New York brought in $5-6 billion in profits from the film and television industry last year. For a state that can fit into California over three times, that’s some pretty good data.

Access to International Talent

Los Angeles can be a canned experience, while New York is alive and real. What do you expect from a city that literally never shuts down? One of the things that makes the city stand apart for video production is the sheer access to international talent.

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Before people ever make it to Los Angeles, they start in New York City. It is still the ultimate Mecca for foreign talent in the country. The next greatest superstar could literally be your bratty kid neighbor. It’s close-knit quarters, but it’s oozing with raw creativity.

Effortless Networking

Throw a rock off your doorstep and meet someone new. There are 8.5 million people that currently reside in the city of New York, and there’s bound to be a major connection just waiting to happen.

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But there’s no need to sit around and wait. In only 22 square miles, a quick Google search will show you over 30 major music studios, 300 talent agencies, and 100+ film studios. In other words, the city is jivin’.

Location, Location, Location

The obvious reason why New York City is a prime place for video production is that the location can’t be beat. In a small space you have access to so many different types of streets, sites, cultures, scenes, and iconic settings, it’s hard to know where to begin. The following are some of our favorite places to work on location in the city:

The Meatpacking District

This area of Manhattan runs from West 14th Street down to Gansevoort Street and is filled with former slaughterhouses and packing plants. The area saw a revival in the 90’s and is now home to some of the city’s hottest nightclubs. TV fans should recognize this whole region from Sex in the City, where they filmed the entire show.



The most popular of the city’s 5 boroughs, Brooklyn is a prime spot for video production because of the diversity of locations are all contained within a few blocks. From picturesque brownstones and industrial backdrops to Navy Yards and cobblestone, a film crew doesn’t have to travel far to get a bunch of different shots.


Times Square

Hundreds of movies and TV shows have been filmed in this location. It serves as the cultural and economical pinnacle of the city. It’s often the image one calls to mind when they think of New York in general.

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Located between Broadway and Seventh Avenue, and extending from West 42nd to West 47th, Times Square is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world, making it the ultimate location for video production.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Central Park
  • Tribeca
  • Union Square
  • SoHo

In addition to location, video production is facilitated by the fact that barely anything shuts down. The city is operating 24/7/365. Like a machine. A productive one, at that.

Never Say Goodnight

It’s easy to keep up the pace when you can lengthen a production day because your location is open late. Shooting in small towns across the country faces many challenges, like access to resources, tight schedules, and accommodations. Production companies never need to worry when it comes to the big city. The doors are always open, and the lights are always on!

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If you have any questions about video production in New York City, including locations, schedules, and networking, give us a call. We consider ourselves experts on the subject (or maybe we just live here).