Product Launch Video - Hayward Pools

 It's Go Time!

The day is finally here. You've planned, received buy-in, sat through meeting after meeting, done your research and now your product or service is ready to go. It's time to tell everyone about it, and time to get them excited.

A product launch video is a great way to spread the news. Not only does it show off your product, it helps show how to use it. This is incredibly important, and a case where video is much better than text. Being able to visually explain something can help your viewer to imagine using it. Video is a simple but powerful way to connect directly with your customers.

Here's Why They Did It

Our client, Hayward Pool Products, created a new app called Onmi Interactive™ that makes it easy to control a backyard pool system. They wanted a product launch video that did several things:

  • Show off the new app
  • Speak directly to their target audience (pool builders)
  • Show how easy it is to use
  • Show pool builders how they can use the Hayward Omni Interactive app to help them upsell pools and products
  • Be creative and unique

Here's How We Did It

We made sure to listen to our client to really understand what their message was, what they wanted to achieve with a video, and who they wanted to speak to. Based on those conversations, we:

  • Provided plenty of shots of the app interface
  • Got actors who matched the message and demographic
  • Showed the app in action
  • Made it more creative and engaging. We used a green screen to animate the background.  This let us put the actors in a setting that showed them visualizing what they were seeing in the app.

Tips To Keep In Mind for Your Own Product Launch Video

When you're ready to send your product out into the world and realize the end goal of all your hard work with a video, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be creative and stand out from the crowd and your competitors. Doing something different is definitely good. Make a video that will make people remember you.
  • It seems obvious, but make sure you show your product in use - a lot. Let your viewer "feel" the experience and make a connection.
  • Make sure your video explains how your product or service helps your user or customer - definitely talk up your service, but don't waste your viewer's time being a show off. It's important to strike that balance.
  • Know your audience(s) so you can speak directly and specifically to them. This is how you get more, full views, click throughs, and great ROI for your video.

Interested in creating your own product launch video in the NYC, NJ or CT area? Contact us at and we'll help you get the ball rolling!