Q4 Video Marketing Planning: What you Need to do to be Prepared

Although you might be in the throes of your love affair with summer, if you are in revenue goal-crushing mode, you know that now is the ideal time to start planning for Q4.

The end of the year is the busiest for evaluating new solutions for B2B and getting ready for the holiday rush for B2C. You need to be where the eyeballs are and there’s a good chance that means everywhere. If you want to get the most gravy, you have to stuff the bird early.

So how best to plan video content  for Q4?

Since video marketing content is skyrocketing in popularity —and it also happens to be some of the hardest content to create—it takes a calculated and organized planning process to make it all happen on time. This includes time to shoot, edit, and promote it on a schedule that you plan for.

The Road Map

Even if you've used video marketing in the past, you always need a road map for every project so you have an idea of what you're doing, where you are going, and how you will continuously measure that success.

There are a few main steps to getting into optimal shape for video marketing: the message, the formatting, the production, and the platform.

A Mission Statement

The very first step in your Q4 video marketing strategy is establishing a mission statement. You can make this a little easier on yourself by asking some of the following questions:


    In order to create an effective video marketing strategy, you have to find the right people, say the right thing, and do it in a way they'll remember it and take action.

    The Format

    Once you have an idea of what you want to say, you have to decide on the context in which to say it. Outline your video topics and the types you want to create before scheduling a shoot.

    The easiest way to determine formatting is to summarize your scope and look at the functions of your business that will be using video. Additionally, are these assets going to be used internally, externally, or both? That can also help you to determine budget.

    If you run an enterprise B2B company, for example, breaking video content into different business functions can include formats like "Product Videos," "Sales," "Corporate Events," "Internal Communications," "Testimonials," "Support," etc...

    After determining your content pillars (i.e. the stories you need to tell across each business vertical) you can then brainstorm on the types of video you need to create and set them into the plan. Your production team can also provide you with lots of tips on how to break content up for more opportunities and how to reuse so that the ROI is long-lasting.

    The Production

    If you're considering in-house for this task—don't. If you want your videos to look professional, be of high quality, come expertly edited and ready to go in time for Q4 deals, you're going to want to outsource the project to a production team. This is the part where we come in.

    Storyboard Media Group specializes in helping people craft and curate quality video content. If you're busy, chances are you'll need an agency for much more the than the filming process. This is where full-service video production comes in handy, and we just happen to be experts.

    The Platform

    Where will your content live? The first thing to remember when planning platform management for Q4 is that YouTube is a channel, not a strategy. So, if your only idea is to upload it to that one platform, you're really selling yourself short.

    Consider the types of content, the audience, and the message of each video, as well as the time of day when posting. All of these factors should be measured prior to introducing your video to the world.

    Your website should be the primary home for all quality video content. Major brands are now devoting entire pages to just video posts (somewhat mimicking that of a YouTube page). It's a smart way to keep the conversions in your space without losing traffic to a video-hosting platform.

    We work with clients in several capacities, from full service content creation and management (including everything from message to metrics) to small, project-based same-day professional filming. We think we’re close to seeing almost every scenario and level of preparedness and complexity, so drop us a line if you’re stuck!

    We are open to answering any questions. If you're ready to get a video in the pipeline give us a call and we'll help you plan your road map for a successful year-end.