Reuse, Renew, Refresh: Why Video is the Best Tool for Resuscitating Content

Digital marketing requires an exact formula, but what people often forget is that old content is good content. If it's authentic, it can be reused to drive home a point or message over and over again and in newer and more innovative ways.

Once you create (and later post) a video, the engagement doesn't stop there. If you're resourceful about your content, you can reuse and recycle it to get more than you ever expected out of your marketing investment.

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So how does one go about repurposing videos? There's a variety of ways to reinvent them along various digital avenues. The following are just a few ideas:


Telling a story through video is one thing, but you can brush off old content and take it a bit further by writing a blog piece that showcases progression or growth of your brand, product, service or team.

It may have been captured one, five or even twenty years ago but looking at video content through the lens of the present-day is gold, especially as your business hits key milestones or anniversaries.

Social Media

Repurposing content for social media is probably the most popular way to reuse a video, and there is a good reason why. Breaking larger videos up into smaller digestible chunks (like micro-moments and mini-trailers) allows them to be viewed a lot easier on social platforms and you can sprinkle your message over time, building suspense and engagement.

Using social media in conjunction with digital spaces, like your website, is another way to tie content together across channels. Mini-trailers displayed on Facebook feeds can link to the full-length video on YouTube or your blog. Short-form video content repurposed from a longer video project is perfect for paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

E-mail Campaigns

One of the quickest ways to get someone's attention as they scan their inbox is via video content. If you have something spectacular and it has already made the rounds on social media, e-mail campaigns are another way to get the same video content in front of a different audience.

Month-end newsletters that showcase videos not only renew your content, but they also deliver...big. Email conversion rates increase by more than 50%, and click-through rates by almost 100% when video is included.

Choose to reuse - putting the word "video" in the subject line will pique interest even further.  

Video Library

Event videos with interviews can be broken up into "mini-stories" that can be used in various digital campaigns. They can also be saved to promote the event for the following year. Breaking up your video content into different storylines will allow you to build a video library of useful content that can be reused time and again. If you have a particularly silly 3-second snippet, why not turn it into a funny GIF for social media? Have bloopers from your video shoot? Show the human side of your company. 

Building a video library that allows you to mashup your greatest hits will also give you access to a repository of content on days when you lack inspiration.

If you need help filming a video for your next project, give us a call. We can give you suggestions on how to reuse it over and over again until you've exhausted the potential. And remember folks, reuse, renew, refresh!