Sales Videos- Forget PowerPoint, Tell a Story

No stories. No retention.

After a presentation, 63% of attendees will remember the stories.

Talk about the opportunity to gain a competitive edge. If you're still clicking through dozens of PowerPoint slides, you're totally missing a huge opportunity.  People are pretty impatient these days, especially prospects. They want to see action, motion, colors, and graphics but they also want to understand your story. They really just want to see VIDEO.

Every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on YouTube. It's what we as a society like to do. It's a way to learn. It entertains.  So naturally, video is making its way into our work lives seamlessly.

But do you know who had this idea first? Steve Jobs. He'd been incorporating videos into his presentations since 1984 and was considered one of the greatest corporate communicators of all time. And why did this work so well for him? Because he was committed to telling a story.

Telling a story in modern digital marketing involves a variety of content mediums. If you are contemplating incorporating video in your next presentation, consider the following tips:

Be Authentic.


Unlike PowerPoint, video can ease the panic that can live in awkward silences and save you from long winded explanations. If instead, you introduce live customer testimonials into your presentation, your customer now becomes the speaker and relays their personal stories about how their lives have changed because of your solution. Explainer videos are also great for presentations because they can help you outline complex ideas simply. 

When videos are shared, you are transporting the audience on the other end of the conference line or at the opposite side of the table into whatever setting you choose. Videos are much more effective than a simple set of slides.

Keep it Short

Now that the first tip is out there. Remember to use more video but don't go overboard. If the setting is right, a 20-minute documentary could be what seals the deal but most likely, you have about 45 minutes to get your pitch or presentation out there so choose your videos wisely. You can still tell a great story in a tiny amount of time.


Two to four minutes can do a great job at setting the stage. And if you are more skilled at integrating video into your presentations, feel free to pepper a few short clips throughout the demonstration. The idea is to always keep it moving and engaging.

Speak Up

Do not use video to completely substitute the entire presentation. Rather, use it as a tool to illustrate your talking points. Ultimately, your presence and voice is the brand and videos are your punctuation points. Make sure your audience still establishes a connection to the speaker. 

Video doesn't necessarily have to replace PowerPoint, but it should always be a part of your presentation strategy.

If you need help setting up some quick videos for an upcoming presentation, contact us today. We can help you make your customers and investors happy.