5 Short Form Social Video Tips: How to do Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Right

Vine, Instagram, YouTube are all perfect places to use short form video content.

Vine, Instagram, YouTube are all perfect places to use short form video content.


Who is short-form video content for? In a word - everyone. Every company can find benefits if they know what to create, how to create it and how to use it. According to Google, "How To” video searches were up 70%, with over 100 million hours watched In 2016. If you haven't tapped into this trend yet, now is the time.

Social media is the perfect outlet for quick, easily-digestable content. While longer videos still have a place in social, creating shorter and more creative content can be the foot in the social door some companies are looking for. OK, so the moral of the story is keep it short; use social channels. Done! 

Not so fast. There is a catch, you now have to get much more creative. Less is truly more- good short-form videos typically need to be more visual, more expressive, more fun, more straightforward - to get your point across. See below for 5 Tips on how to get started with few of our favorite examples: 

Tip #1

Consider Silent Videos: No, not like the movies from the 20's. These are videos that don't necessarily require sound to convey a message and/or make use of on-screen text to tell your story.

Creating a video that doesn't require audio gives you a chance to creatively evaluate how to express yourself without words (think of the very popular animated recipe gifs that fill up your Facebook timeline. If you haven't see one, we've included a favorite below.) Plus, viewers aren't always able to play sound where they are (on the train, at their desk at work) and this ensures they're able to watch your content with the volume off and still understand it. Facebook and Instagram are great channels for silent content.

Tip #2

Showcase your products in action: Since you have limited time with short-form videos, get right to the product you're showing.

If you haven't seen them yet, Oreo's Snack Hack series is a great example. The cookie is the actor and main point of focus in the form of quick but helpful How-To ads that also serve as recipes. You may be able to do the same if your physical product lends itself to this type of idea.

Tip #3

Short-form videos should focus on one point: Creating a 30-second television ad can be hard enough because they need to show pain points, solutions, call to actions, etc.

Packing the same amount of information into half that time (or less) is almost impossible. So stick to one simple, concise message in your video so that 10-15 seconds doesn't become a problem.

Tip #4

Capture your viewers' attention immediately! With attention spans becoming ever-increasingly shorter, this tip can be applied to almost any for of content but with short-form videos, this tip is super-charged!

Use humor, oddities, compelling and visually stunning images right from the start. In other words - GET CREATIVE!

Tip #5

How-to and DIY videos are perfect ideas for short-form videos: These videos are fun, quick and can use techniques like stop-motion video and timelapses.

While full-length explainer videos are still important, short ads like these are important to consider. Here's how Facebook uses animation, live action and motion graphics to give users quick tips on helpful features.


While long-form video marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon, short-form video is merely a new avenue for marketers to tap into and add to their arsenal of strategies and tactics, especially when pulling together a social media marketing strategy.

And just so you know that we always practice what we preach... here's a behind-the-scenes short-form video that we shared on Instagram to show what a typical day at the studio looks like. With a caption like " All in a day's work" it's easily digestable and gives a glimpse into what a full-service production looks like, all in 5 seconds.