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Doing the Digital Dance of Video Marketing and SEO

Perhaps people do not touch upon video SEO more because they do not understand it.

Ironically, video SEO is usually easier than optimizing text because oftentimes platforms will do it for you. YouTube will automatically create enriched snippets for search engines, and also allow you to endlessly tag your content with searchable keywords.

If you get on the ball with your video content now, you will surely have a competitive edge when it comes to the search engines.

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Using Video Marketing to Enhance Your Brand

Branding isn't just for websites, business cards and logos.

Good video content is an extension of your overall marketing plan and should match your colors, look and feel, and messaging. When a potential customer comes to your site or blog after watching your video, that should be a smooth process. And the reverse is just as true.

Here's how Malo Smiles and Storyboard Media Group did it with a 30-second commercial.

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