The Anatomy of a Product Video: Behind-the-Scenes

Like the video?

Our agency produces a large array of media for clients, and if there's one thing that we specialize in, it's in putting your product or service center stage.

One of our recent product video projects was an explainer video for an item called Healthycell, that would introduce viewers to its benefits through the use of animation, voiceover, on-screen talent and high impact visuals.


Of course, the key to any successful video project lies in the planning process.

Our basic intent was to explain the features and benefits of the product and answer everyone's primary question: what will it do for me?

Working with the client, we decided to use a combination of the following videography elements to develop a streamlined concept:

  • Animation
  • Live-action
  • Video infographic
  • Stock footage
  • 3D Modeling

During preproduction, we selected a white background for the video to align with the brand identity of the healthcare product.

Our intention was to create a "clean" appeal. When deciding on length, we took into consideration the audience - where would they most likely be watching this message? In this case, we knew that we had a captive audience as this piece will be playing in doctor's offices — this affords us a little extra time to explain key benefits and share the messaging. On the other hand, if this was an instagram or digital display piece, we would be thinking more on the level of microments and work to get key messages across in about 8-15 seconds.


The live action portion took a day to shoot at the Healthycell offices along with with our expert and spokesman. In terms of production on the video, we had our hands in a little bit of everything:

  • Script rewrites
  • Teleprompter feeds
  • Animation
  • 3D modeling of the product box
  • Casting - 2 rounds w/ client feedback
  • Lighting and audio

During the entire production, branding was prominent throughout.

A morphing animation of a young to old transformation was used to illustrate part of the video.


As a creative company whose job is to capture and tell customer stories, branding is very important to us and we inject it into everything we do.

The music was selected because it's easy on the ears (doctor's offices tend to be quiet and we don't want to disrupt that) and it's subtly uplifting.

The actor was chosen because he best represents the audience demographic that most benefits from this product (45+ and healthy).

Branding elements continued to make an appearance in on-screen text, lush green jungle visuals, as well as repetition of the product colors in the iconography, lower thirds, and even the clothing of the spokesman.

It all seems very subtle, but this was done intentionally as to create a unified piece from start to finish.

If you like what you see and want to know how we can do this same killer process with you, get in contact and we'll start planning today.