The Event of Making an Event Video


Video is the cornerstone of modern marketing. It’s the most engaging and cost-effective of the content in your digital marketing tool bag. That said, the online world is already content-rich. Simple wrap up vids that worked just three years ago don’t cut the mustard. Grab people’s attention with a true event video that will create buzz and get them hyped for your brand.


28% of companies allocate over 20% of their marketing budget to organizing events. Yet how many have the foresight to film it for a multitude of marketing strategies down the road? Perhaps it’s because brands are not sure where to begin when it comes to video and event marketing.

Here are a few ways to put together a killer video following your next event:

1. Pre-event

Each of your events has a brief and precious window of opportunity to engage prospects ahead of time. By doing so you’ll attract far more guests. That translates into bigger subscriber lists and more effective campaigns.

Reach out and partner with complimentary service providers by offering them special promotions.

You don’t need anything major, just think of something you can do for them later. Reciprocation is the best practice. Ask that they share your promotional images on their social media accounts as a way to piggy-back off their following. Think of it as borrowing someone’s audience.

2. A Compelling CTA

Never start an event video without first determining why you’re creating one in the first place. What’s your point? Are you hoping to capture the event for social media or use it on your site for promotion? Consider the purpose for making the event video.

Think about the tone, music, and any graphics or animations you want to see in it. All of it must come together to create an effective Call to Action (CTA). Are you inviting peeps to come to a future party? Will you be giving a talk and want people to register for it? What are you going to do after the event to promote engagement?

Don’t think of it so much as “what the video needs,” but rather, what you want your audience to do. Be clear about what you want. Your audience should understand the story and then ask.

Communicate all of this to your video production company. Let your tech folks know exactly what you’re looking for. Bring them into your vision and your plan.

3. The Day of Filming

Determine where your tech team puts the cameras and know the angles. You’ll get a list of shots they’re looking for to share with your team. Touch base throughout the event. Check off each item on the list as it’s captured.

If you’re doing any speaking, practice. Then, practice some more. Get to where it sounds nice and conversational, like you aren’t reading from prepared remarks. Also, consider factors like colors. Pair it with the event’s theme. If your company logo has a two or three-part color scheme, include that in your event décor. It’ll show up nicely on camera and help you brand the event for your business.

4. Sharing and Digital Marketing

Within a short time, you’ll get snips of video to share with your digital audience. Don’t just post them to your network. Spread them far and wide on the wings of those complimentary service providers we talked about earlier. Find out who your brand advocates are and work with them. Consider some market influencers to also carry your message.


Just like you did before, you’ll be borrowing their audience to help you build yours and attract attention to your next company event. Video content is rich and easily shareable, so this shouldn’t be much of a challenge.

You’ll spend a lot of time putting together events to help market your business. Let the world know about it. Be it a product launch, company anniversary, or in-store promotion, a premium video will let your audience feel the energy and excitement of the big day.

Holding an event is tough enough, but filming and marketing it can seriously escalate the stress level. That’s why you need a professional team to guide you through the process. Give us a ring and we can help guide you through the process.