The Importance of Personalized Video and Why You Need It Now

The population on the planet is skyrocketing, yet individual needs are on the rise. Perhaps when we double in numbers, so does our need to feel special. It’s a part of being human, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why the concept of “personalization” in marketing is such a buzzword. Everybody wants a custom version of everything, and they want it right now.

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Given this, how can you efficiently meet your customer needs? To compound things, most consumers will expect you to predict them too. So, personalization has very real power. And when you combine that with the right video marketing strategies, you have a digital marketing method that’s pure gold.

Personalized video can be applied to almost every aspect of your business. It is an effective tool for customers, employees, prospects, and professionals in general. Customizing a video for an individual demonstrates you are making a big effort, just for them. This method can be applied to segments of business like:

Customer Engagement

When dealing with customers, you can take it a step further by making your personalized videos interactive. This is known as a personalized interactive video (PIV) and can be used for a variety of things like engagement, navigation, and entertainment. Additionally, PIVs can be easily integrated with a multi-channel communications strategy. This allows you to customize each user experience individually, which increases satisfaction and keeps people more engaged.

Driving Sales

Personalized video has become one of the top trends in driving sales conversions. It’s easy to transform the viewer into a buyer when you are delivering something that’s so attentive to their individual wants and needs. In fact, the concept is revolutionizing the way sales departments approach customers and prospects.

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When it comes to sales, you can’t beat the face-to-face pitch, but personalized video allows you to cut corners by not having to physically be there with the prospect. You can still give people the comfort of a “sit down” - all through automated video processes. However, customized video would do nothing for sales without the support of robust digital marketing tactics.

Marketing Guru

Personalized video truly shines when it comes to marketing. The goal of creating customized experiences is to connect with more people, on deeper levels. Ultimately, the numbers will tell you repeatedly that video beats other types of media, which beats text. And personalized video truly wins them all.

The best-kept-secret about personalized video marketing is the wonders it will do for your e-mail marketing campaigns. Attaching even a simple “video selfie” with someone’s name on a whiteboard can lead to stats like this:

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According to a report by Syndacast, using the word “video” in a subject line will:

o   Boost your open rates by 19%.

o   Boost the click-through rates by 65%.

o   Reduce your unsubscribes by 26%.

Marketers live in challenging times and people receive an average of 121 e-mails every day. Using a personalized video will not only have a big impact on your traffic and conversions, it will keep your audience engaged and increase brand recognition.

Shining Examples

If you want to see some personalized videos in action, check out some of these samples from brands that saw successful campaigns:

The marketing automation company Marketo decided to jazz up their invitation to the Marketing Nation Summit Event by creating a personalized video that put your name on the Las Vegas sign. Why wouldn’t you want to watch something like that? Check it out:


Vidyard, the business video platform, decided to get in the holiday cheer with their personalized videos. Their greeting card campaign featured peoples’ names all over things like stockings, cards, even an etch-a-sketch. Watch:


Reltio, the cloud-based data company, decided to use their personalized videos to tackle individual customer pain points. As part of a content campaign to raise awareness about their core offerings, customers’ names were featured in things like portfolios, graphs, and other professional places. Check it out:


If you have any questions about personalized videos or just want to talk shop, give us a call. We love lending a hand in video marketing.