The Making of: CEO Branding Message Video


Meetings, phone calls, a packed schedule and, yes, even being your own brand ambassador. Your time is precious and so you need each moment of your day to positively impact your brand. We recently worked with a client whose CEO wanted to create personal, direct-to-viewer messages. This is how it happened and it’s what you can expect when it’s your turn to be on camera.



We’ll let you in on a little secret: Almost every person gets nervous as soon as the little red light on the camera comes on and the teleprompter lights up.

So before your big day even arrives….practice, practice, practice. Read your script over and over until you’re completely comfortable with it. Read it out loud to a team member or two to make sure it sounds right.

Believe us - doing these things will make your time in front of the camera easier, quicker and maybe even a little fun.

For our part, we’ll make sure the lights are set up, the camera is in place and microphone is ready. A professional looking shoot is extremely important in representing your company.



But we’ll make sure you look even better. Our professional hair and makeup team will get you ready for the big time. You can expect to sit in a chair for anywhere from 20-45 minutes.

We ask that women come prepped with little or no makeup (just foundation is fine), and little hair product. Men can just kind of show up.

The makeup chair is a great place to relax and get into the spirit of the shoot. Have a coffee or some water.



It’s go time. We’ve set up all the lights, the camera and teleprompter, the microphones, the reflectors and all you have to do it walk in and start talking. Sounds easy right? Maybe not so much.

But here’s another secret: Everybody who has stood where you’re standing now has fumbled lines, lost their place, felt awkward and felt pressure. You’re not alone and it’s OK.

We’ll run through a low-stress practice run. And after that, we’ll do as many takes as needed to make sure we get your best performance.

We’ll also make sure you have water nearby to keep you hydrated, and we’ll take breaks as often as you need.

Go behind the scenes at our CEO interview shoot to see what things look like from behind the camera.


All the practice, primping and time spent standing in front of the camera has paid off. You have a professional video to use on your site and social channels. You look and sound great and, you know what? It wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was even a little fun!

Michael Hammond