Tips for Smarter Video Content

Welcome to the Global Economy in the Information Age

The way people all over the world are consuming media and information has changed dramatically over the last several years. People (your audience) have easier (mobile) access to the Internet and that means more time online. While there, they have more opportunities to look, jump around, look again, jump around….and on and on. Content has had to become better, quicker, more specific and reusable. Marketers are being forced to adapt or find themselves left behind.

When it comes to video content, throwing something together, posting it online and hoping for the best isn't going to get the job done anymore. Like any other weapon in your arsenal, you need create video marketing with a purpose in order to unlock the results you're after.

Versatility is Your Friend

One of the most important things to think about is versatility. This means creating video content that accomplishes more than one thing at the same time. Time, effort and budget can all be saved by thinking this way. For example, a video can be used to inform consumers about a new product or service AND communicate the core values of your brand. Another great way to approach versatility is to reuse video content for multiple touches; email campaigns, the company website, webinars, etc.

This helps video content stay relevant for longer, and increases ROI of the content. If you approach it properly its use can outlast your expectations, and give you material that can be used again and again in all the different corners of the Internet where your brand lives.

Don't Replace; Complement

Everyone is talking about video as the thing we all have to think about. And rightly so. Stat after stat shows video consumption is already a huge share of our time on the Internet and it just keeps growing. But one of the biggest mistakes we hear many marketers make involves the assumption that their core focus suddenly needs to be video, and video alone. Remember that this isn't an either/or situation – you shouldn’t produce video content so that you don’t have to produce blog posts, direct mailers, fliers and the other materials that have been serving you well for countless years.

Produce video content that complements your other marketing material so that all of the different pieces can feed off of one another. This helps to form a much more cohesive strategy. Someone who reads your blog will want to view the video for more information and vice versa, because each element tells only part of a much larger story. By making your all your content marketing complementary, you'll be able to unlock the true return on investment for your entire campaign. That’s what you're after in the first place.

Busy people who are bombarded with information all day would rather watch a video to get the information that they're after. Well designed, informative, resuable and complementary video is your best bet at grabbing the attention of customers and never letting go.

Need help creating video content? Whether it's a product video, testimonial video, explainer video, or something we've never even heard of, reach out and say hi. We can help you navigate from concept to outcome.