Using Video Marketing to Enhance Your Brand

It’s All About the Brand

In video marketing, there are two ways of looking at video content and your brand. The first is to make videos that enhance your brand – about us videos, product videos, etc. Whatever form they take, they’re another avenue to get your message across. These videos are often used to add more content that your audience can find when they’re searching the Web.

The second way of thinking about your brand and video is to remember that, just like print ads, blog posts, white papers, and all the other parts of content marketing, video is an extension of your company. So it’s very important to make sure it matches the look and feel you’re known for. Of course we’re talking about colors, fonts, logos, and even type of language used. When potential customers go from one piece of content to another it should be seamless.

A Clear Example

The video above is a clear example of matching colors, logo and language to the overall brand of our client MALO Smiles. Besides the company logo at the bottom, look at the colors used – sparingly – throughout the piece. The blue of the brand is clearly visible and ties everything together.

You might say, “but wait, the font is completely different, and I don’t see any cartoon characters when I go to their site. What gives?” Fair point – but here’s the way that all fits into the message MALO wants to get across.

They are a dental implant provider. They make fixed, non-removable smiles for people through surgery. For a lot of people that can be very scary. So our client wanted to make a fun television commercial that could get their information across in a way that wasn’t scary. And maybe most importantly, this carries the clean look and feel that they’ve designed their brand after.

Video and SEO

There’s no sense in making a great video and then having it get lost on the Internet. Match video SEO with the langauge you want peoeple to use to find you and your service. This is a final way to use video content to enhance your brand. Here are a few tips:

  • When creating the video file, give it a title that matches your brand SEO. The example here might be "Malo Smiles - NYC Dental Implant Provider Video."
  • When uploading it to YouTube, Vimeo or wherever it will live make sure it has keywords in the title and description, and if there is a way to add info about the video make sure you enter it with good SEO
  • When you embed a video on your page, make sure to mention that people can “watch our video” or “click here for our video.” Search engines now prioritize video so make it clear a video exists.
  • Use it. Post the video on your blog, in a newsletter, in an email campaign, in a webinar setting, in an online commercial banner. Get creative and get it out there.

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