Using Video to Attract and Train the Best Talent

When you want the best, you must set the standards high and if you’re looking to engage top-performing talent, your company should plan to make a dynamic first impression that carries on throughout the employee lifecycle- from recruiting, to onboarding and leadership development. Hint. Hint. May we suggest using video in your talent strategy?

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Transforming Strategy into Tailored Experiences

The first step is to know your audience and engage accordingly. Every round of hiring may call for a different group of spectators.

As an HR professional, manager or business owner, you may be looking for developers one week and the next it could be a receptionist. Different people and roles call for different strategies and it may take a rethink to reach the right people with the right message.

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Therefore, content must be tailored to influence the most talented professionals in every group. The highest skilled are often the highest in demand so grabbing their attention is not always an easy concept. This is where smart content management can make or break hiring a capable team.

If 64% of people are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video, isn’t it safe to assume they’d buy your job as well? So, creating a targeted video for your talent acquisition is one of the smartest things you can do to reach the people you need for the position.

A few tips:

Think about where they are- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn? Are your financial hires likely to watch the TV show Squawk Box? Maybe they enjoy giving advice on message boards like Reddit? Maybe there's a trendy neighborhood with lots of ad spots available along the commuter route? You'll be happy to know, in all cases, Video advertising is an option!

Think about their habits- Know that this audience doesn't have lots of time? Consider trying short-form, 15 second video ads.


Video Recruiting

From job descriptions to interviews and onboarding, hardly anything creates a more compelling experience for candidates than video. In just 2 minutes, a video can convey your company culture, brand identity, core values, and expectations, while a training manual may sit—unread— in a desk drawer.

Recruiting techniques are shifting to job-specific advertising and video plays a critical role in not only creating brand awareness but consideration and differentiation for hiring managers.

In other words, what talent wouldn’t come work for you if you sent a tailored video specifically courting them? The ease at which videos can be created, edited, and adjusted allows for a much more tailored and targeted recruitment process.


Video Boosts Continued learning

Once talent is acquired, the power of video doesn’t stop there…in fact, it is just beginning. In the training phases of new talent acquisition, video can be your best friend. Rather than reading pages and pages of training documents, arming employees with a you tube style library of helpful videos tailored to their position is a million times more effective.

Internal company videos boost productivity and engagement. The tailored experience doesn’t have to stop with the acquisition itself. If you also target your new employees during training, their productivity and use of skills will skyrocket.

A recent survey of HR professionals found that 64% were using video for training and onboarding, with 87% stating it helps to train employees faster and cheaper.


Therefore, video marketing and recruiting is a highly effective method for acquiring and retaining top talent. The talent pools are shrinking and the only way to reach the best people is to invest in them.

A common misnomer is that video is an expensive process but it is quite the opposite in the long run. Detailed and targeted training videos can save on labor and additional costs. Video recruiting also saves money in the long run because it can reach a larger amount of people through platforms like social media.

Overall, the future of digital marketing is VIDEO in every sense of the word and format. It is the way to grab someone’s attention and keep it…and if you are looking for the head of the class, this is the best way to do it!

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If you need help creating some acquisition or training videos, or you have questions on any corporate shoot, give us a call. We’d be happy to schedule you today!