Video Advertising Is Changing: 4 Takeaways You Need to Know


Video advertising is changing as online consumer behaviors shift. With shorter attention spans and people used to the idea of ZERO ads, it should come as no surprise that a large segment of video advertising bombs.

A recent study into video marketing trends put out by The Young Turks revealed the results of a June 2017 survey of 2,400 individuals and how they consume video content. The findings challenge some commonly-held beliefs about how and why we choose to stream something online. Here are the biggest and most revealing takeaways from the report.

1.  Consumers Like to Binge Watch

Here's why that matters. While you might be thinking about that week you spent glued-to-the-couch on Game of Thrones, this factoid is more about taking in online video sources (OLV). It excludes network and streaming service content.

68% of viewers of all ages, seniors and boomers included, stitch together 30 straight daily minutes of OLV. 40% of respondents spent an hour on it, and everyone preferred YouTube (93% of respondents).

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2. Bad Ads Kill the Urge to Binge

It's paradoxically simple. Binging makes money. Bad ads don't. 27% of viewers reported quitting their binging session because of bad ads. Here's the list of things that'll do it:

  • Irrelevant content

  • Non-skippable formats for ads

  • Poor placement in the context of the content the viewer is engaged with. In other words, the ad has nothing to do with the viewer's current interest.

Pro Tip: Consider going with skippable ads. Non-skippables never get watched all the way through.

3. Make It Funny

It's not always an option, but when in doubt, a humorous delivery over a formal one will consistently perform better.

87% of viewers thought that ads should entertain. 52% of those preferred funny content. Visual appeal was another draw to the video ad. So do something different, get creative, don't be afraid to stretch the limits a little bit.

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And also be mindful of a few no-nos. only 11% of viewers responded to ads that:

  • Included calls to action to visit a website

  • Asked for likes

  • Begged viewers to share ads

The bottom line is that people will always prefer to laugh or be genuinely entertained over anything else. The funnier the ad, the more memorable it will be.

4. Not Watching TV Anymore

That's right, it's not just you. TV really is dying a slow death. Turns out, 80% of participants think they'll completely rid themselves of their cable boxes within the next few years. It's not just the younger people either. Three out of four seniors agreed.

Television won't win itself any votes in a popularity contest. At least not enough to save it.


While not entirely shocking, the report bucks some of our commonly held beliefs about brevity, ad content, and what folks like to watch. If the findings don't necessarily cause you to consider  a new strategy, that's okay. But at least consider these points.

  • Implement a few tiny changes. Perform some small A/B testing with your ads.

  • Watch the results. Tweak accordingly as needed.

  • Start with thinking about quality of content rather than length.

  • Focus on what your audience wants to see.

If you are thinking about creating a video ad, or just have questions, give us a call. We’re always happy to talk shop!