Video Channels Marketers Should Be Using


In 2018 there’s no such thing as video marketing without YouTube. With 59% of marketers’ digital advertising budgets actively allocated to video, YouTube is the king of them all. But the online world of video is totally unique and no matter how scientific you are with your approach and strategies, it’s always innovating.

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Why YouTube? For one, it’s where many brands are built. It gives you a walk through everything from how to optimize your video SEO to using your video content to scale your business. It’s the tried and true space for it.

However, YouTube isn’t the only place to post your amazing videos. In the modern age of multi-channel marketing, there are many more avenues to explore. Here are just a few alternatives to explore and utilize in your marketing campaigns:


Hubspot is pretty much the undisputed champ of video marketing. The platform offers tutorials for novices and seasoned pros alike on every aspect of the digital marketing world. Hubspot will walk you through how to put the customer first, how to get to number one on Google's rankings, and tons more.

Neil Patel

Neil's everywhere. He's done extremely well for himself as a source for online marketing with his flagship site Quicksprout. His YouTube channel doesn't disappoint. He's got tips on everything from optimizing your website for video to actually building a successful YouTube channel.



Moz is almost as old as digital video marketing itself. It's practically an institution. Rand Fishkin's Whiteboard Friday is particularly entertaining and full of top-shelf info. Moz's website has tutorials, infographics, and guides covering the entire scope of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Institute

The Digital Marketing Institute is a hub of educational vids covering everything related to online marketing. Their videos average about 9,000 views each. DMI is built and operates just like a university or college, offering degrees and certificates for most of their programs. Some of their programs are even accredited.

Gary Veynerchuck

Gary hosts the popular AskGaryVee Show. It's a marketing-centered Q&A video podcast and online show. He also heads up DailyVee, a documentary series that highlights what life as a CEO looks like. With just over a million YouTube followers, he clearly knows what he's talking about.


These channels are absolutely worth your time as a marketer. They can help you narrow your focus down to your target market. Taking the time to explore other channels, research, and educate oneself on the current market trends can only help you in business.

Learning the ins and outs of building or scaling through online marketing can be a beast to navigate. Whenever possible, it's best to look for others who've traveled down this road and have some valuable insight to offer. You'll learn tips, tricks, how to avoid common pitfalls, and debunk some misconceptions. These guys know their stuff.

In short, if you're not following these channels, start now. It's your first step in pushing toward your goals and achieving the level of success you're after.

If you have any questions or thoughts or video channels to look out for, give us a call. We’d love to hear your input!